6 letter word starting with eo

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eocene adjective Pertaining to the first in time of the three subdivisions into which the Tertiary formation is divided by geologists, and alluding to the approximation in its life to that of the present era; as, Eocene deposits., The Eocene formation.
eolian adjective Aeolian., Formed, or deposited, by the action of wind, as dunes.
eozoic adjective Of or pertaining to rocks or strata older than the Paleozoic, in many of which the eozoon has been found.
eozoon noun A peculiar structure found in the Archaean limestones of Canada and other regions. By some geologists it is believed to be a species of gigantic Foraminifera, but others consider it a concretion, without organic structure.