6 letter word starting with gr

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
graced imp. & past participle of Grace, Endowed with grace; beautiful; full of graces; honorable.
graded imp. & past participle of Grade
grader noun One who grades, or that by means of which grading is done or facilitated.
gradin noun Alt. of Gradine
gradus noun A dictionary of prosody, designed as an aid in writing Greek or Latin poetry.
grains noun pl. See 5th Grain, n., 2 (b)., Pigeon’s dung used in tanning. See Grainer. n., 1.
grainy adjective Resembling grains; granular.
graith verb t. See Greith., Furniture; apparatus or accouterments for work, traveling, war, etc.
grakle noun See Grackle.
gramme noun The unit of weight in the metric system. It was intended to be exactly, and is very nearly, equivalent to the weight in a vacuum of one cubic centimeter of pure water at its maximum density. It is equal to 15.432 grains. See Grain, n., 4., Same as Gram the weight.
grange noun A building for storing grain; a granary., A farmhouse, with the barns and other buildings for farming purposes., A farmhouse of a monastery, where the rents and tithes, paid in grain, were deposited., A farm; generally, a farm with a house at a distance from neighbors., An association of farmers, designed to further their interests, aud particularly to bring producers and consumers, farmers and manufacturers, into direct commercial relations, without intervention of middlemen or traders. The first grange was organized in 1867.
granny noun A grandmother; a grandam; familiarly, an old woman.
grassy adjective Covered with grass; abounding with grass; as, a grassy lawn., Resembling grass; green.
grated imp. & past participle of Grate, Furnished with a grate or grating; as, grated windows.
grater adjective One who, or that which, grates; especially, an instrument or utensil with a rough, indented surface, for rubbing off small particles of any substance; as a grater for nutmegs.
gratis adverb For nothing; without fee or recompense; freely; gratuitously.
graunt verb & noun See Grant.
graved imp. of Grave, of Grave
graven past participle of Grave, Carved.
gravel noun Small stones, or fragments of stone; very small pebbles, often intermixed with particles of sand., A deposit of small calculous concretions in the kidneys and the urinary or gall bladder; also, the disease of which they are a symptom., To cover with gravel; as, to gravel a walk., To run (as a ship) upon the gravel or beach; to run aground; to cause to stick fast in gravel or sand., To check or stop; to embarrass; to perplex., To hurt or lame (a horse) by gravel lodged between the shoe and foot.
graver noun One who graves; an engraver or a sculptor; one whose occupation is te cut letters or figures in stone or other hard material., An ergraving or cutting tool; a burin.
graves noun pl. The sediment of melted tallow. Same as Greaves.
gravic adjective Pertaining to, or causing, gravitation; as, gravic forces; gravic attraction.
gravid adjective Being with child; heavy with young; pregnant; fruitful; as, a gravid uterus; gravid piety.
grazed imp. & past participle of Graze
grazer noun One that grazes; a creature which feeds on growing grass or herbage.
grease noun Animal fat, as tallow or lard, especially when in a soft state; oily or unctuous matter of any kind., An inflammation of a horse’s heels, suspending the ordinary greasy secretion of the part, and producing dryness and scurfiness, followed by cracks, ulceration, and fungous excrescences., To smear, anoint, or daub, with grease or fat; to lubricate; as, to grease the wheels of a wagon., To bribe; to corrupt with presents., To cheat or cozen; to overreach., To affect (a horse) with grease, the disease.
greasy superl. Composed of, or characterized by, grease; oily; unctuous; as, a greasy dish., Smeared or defiled with grease., Like grease or oil; smooth; seemingly unctuous to the touch, as is mineral soapstone., Fat of body; bulky., Gross; indelicate; indecent., Affected with the disease called grease; as, the heels of a horse. See Grease, n., 2.
greave noun A grove., Armor for the leg below the knee; — usually in the plural., To clean (a ship’s bottom); to grave.
greece plural of Gree, See Gree a step.
greedy superl. Having a keen appetite for food or drink; ravenous; voracious; very hungry; — followed by of; as, a lion that is greedy of his prey., Having a keen desire for anything; vehemently desirous; eager to obtain; avaricious; as, greedy of gain.
greeve noun See Grieve, an overseer., A manager of a farm, or overseer of any work; a reeve; a manorial bailiff.
greeze noun A step. See Gree, a step.
gregal adjective Pertaining to, or like, a flock.
gregge verb t. To make heavy; to increase.
greith verb t. To make ready; — often used reflexively., Goods; furniture.
gretto imp. of Greet, to salute.
grided imp. & past participle of Gride
griego noun See Greggoe.
grieve noun Alt. of Greeve, To occasion grief to; to wound the sensibilities of; to make sorrowful; to cause to suffer; to afflict; to hurt; to try., To sorrow over; as, to grieve one’s fate., To feel grief; to be in pain of mind on account of an evil; to sorrow; to mourn; — often followed by at, for, or over.
griffe noun The offspring of a mulatto woman and a negro; also, a mulatto.
grille verb t. A lattice or grating.
grilly verb t. To broil; to grill; hence, To harass.
grilse noun A young salmon after its first return from the sea.
grimly adjective Grim; hideous; stern., In a grim manner; fiercely.
grimme noun A West African antelope (Cephalophus rufilotus) of a deep bay color, with a broad dorsal stripe of black; — called also conquetoon.
ground imp. & past participle of Grind, The surface of the earth; the outer crust of the globe, or some indefinite portion of it., A floor or pavement supposed to rest upon the earth., Any definite portion of the earth’s surface; region; territory; country. Hence: A territory appropriated to, or resorted to, for a particular purpose; the field or place of action; as, a hunting or fishing ground; a play ground., Land; estate; possession; field; esp. (pl.), the gardens, lawns, fields, etc., belonging to a homestead; as, the grounds of the estate are well kept., The basis on which anything rests; foundation. Hence: The foundation of knowledge, belief, or conviction; a premise, reason, or datum; ultimate or first principle; cause of existence or occurrence; originating force or agency; as, the ground of my hope., That surface upon which the figures of a composition are set, and which relieves them by its plainness, being either of one tint or of tints but slightly contrasted with one another; as, crimson Bowers on a white ground., In sculpture, a flat surface upon which figures are raised in relief., In point lace, the net of small meshes upon which the embroidered pattern is applied; as, Brussels ground. See Brussels lace, under Brussels., A gummy composition spread over the surface of a metal to be etched, to prevent the acid from eating except where an opening is made by the needle., One of the pieces of wood, flush with the plastering, to which moldings, etc., are attached; — usually in the plural., A composition in which the bass, consisting of a few bars of independent notes, is continually repeated to a varying melody., The tune on which descants are raised; the plain song., A conducting connection with the earth, whereby the earth is made part of an electrical circuit., Sediment at the bottom of liquors or liquids; dregs; lees; feces; as, coffee grounds., The pit of a theater., To lay, set, or run, on the ground., To found; to fix or set, as on a foundation, reason, or principle; to furnish a ground for; to fix firmly., To instruct in elements or first principles., To connect with the ground so as to make the earth a part of an electrical circuit., To cover with a ground, as a copper plate for etching (see Ground, n., 5); or as paper or other materials with a uniform tint as a preparation for ornament., To run aground; to strike the bottom and remain fixed; as, the ship grounded on the bar., imp. & p. p. of Grind.
grinte imp. of Grin, v. i., 1.
griped imp. & past participle of Gripe
griper adjective One who gripes; an oppressor; an extortioner.
griman noun The man who manipulates a grip.
grippe noun The influenza or epidemic catarrh.
grisly adjective Frightful; horrible; dreadful; harsh; as, grisly locks; a grisly specter.
grison noun A South American animal of the family Mustelidae (Galictis vittata). It is about two feet long, exclusive of the tail. Its under parts are black. Also called South American glutton., A South American monkey (Lagothrix infumatus), said to be gluttonous.
gritty adjective Containing sand or grit; consisting of grit; caused by grit; full of hard particles., Spirited; resolute; unyielding.
grivet noun A monkey of the upper Nile and Abyssinia (Cercopithecus griseo-viridis), having the upper parts dull green, the lower parts white, the hands, ears, and face black. It was known to the ancient Egyptians. Called also tota.
groats noun pl. Dried grain, as oats or wheat, hulled and broken or crushed; in high milling, cracked fragments of wheat larger than grits.
grocer noun A trader who deals in tea, sugar, spices, coffee, fruits, and various other commodities.
groggy adjective Overcome with grog; tipsy; unsteady on the legs., Weakened in a fight so as to stagger; — said of pugilists., Moving in a hobbling manner, owing to ten der feet; — said of a horse.
gromet noun Same as Grommet.
gronte obs. imp. of Groan.
groove noun A furrow, channel, or long hollow, such as may be formed by cutting, molding, grinding, the wearing force of flowing water, or constant travel; a depressed way; a worn path; a rut., Hence: The habitual course of life, work, or affairs; fixed routine., A shaft or excavation., To cut a groove or channel in; to form into channels or grooves; to furrow.
groped imp. & past participle of Grope
groper noun One who gropes; one who feels his way in the dark, or searches by feeling.
grotto noun A natural covered opening in the earth; a cave; also, an artificial recess, cave, or cavernlike apartment.
grouse noun sing. & pl. Any of the numerous species of gallinaceous birds of the family Tetraonidae, and subfamily Tetraoninae, inhabiting Europe, Asia, and North America. They have plump bodies, strong, well-feathered legs, and usually mottled plumage. The group includes the ptarmigans (Lagopus), having feathered feet., To seek or shoot grouse., To complain or grumble.
grouty adjective Cross; sulky; sullen.
grovel adverb To creep on the earth, or with the face to the ground; to lie prone, or move uneasily with the body prostrate on the earth; to lie fiat on one’s belly, expressive of abjectness; to crawl., To tend toward, or delight in, what is sensual or base; to be low, abject, or mean.
growan noun A decomposed granite, forming a mass of gravel, as in tin lodes in Cornwall.
grower noun One who grows or produces; as, a grower of corn; also, that which grows or increases; as, a vine may be a rank or a slow grower.
growse verb i. To shiver; to have chills.
growth noun The process of growing; the gradual increase of an animal or a vegetable body; the development from a seed, germ, or root, to full size or maturity; increase in size, number, frequency, strength, etc.; augmentation; advancement; production; prevalence or influence; as, the growth of trade; the growth of power; the growth of intemperance. Idle weeds are fast in growth., That which has grown or is growing; anything produced; product; consequence; effect; result.
groyne noun See Groin.
grubby adjective Dirty; unclean., Any species of Cottus; a sculpin.
grudge verb t. To look upon with desire to possess or to appropriate; to envy (one) the possession of; to begrudge; to covet; to give with reluctance; to desire to get back again; — followed by the direct object only, or by both the direct and indirect objects., To hold or harbor with malicioua disposition or purpose; to cherish enviously., To be covetous or envious; to show discontent; to murmur; to complain; to repine; to be unwilling or reluctant., To feel compunction or grief., Sullen malice or malevolence; cherished malice, enmity, or dislike; ill will; an old cause of hatred or quarrel., Slight symptom of disease.
grumpy adjective Surly; dissatisfied; grouty.
grutch verb See Grudge.
gryfon noun See Griffin.