6 letter word starting with j

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
jabber verb i. To talk rapidly, indistinctly, or unintelligibly; to utter gibberish or nonsense; to chatter., To utter rapidly or indistinctly; to gabble; as, to jabber French., Rapid or incoherent talk, with indistinct utterance; gibberish., One who jabbers.
jabiru noun One of several large wading birds of the genera Mycteria and Xenorhynchus, allied to the storks in form and habits.
jacana noun Any of several wading birds belonging to the genus Jacana and several allied genera, all of which have spurs on the wings. They are able to run about over floating water weeds by means of their very long, spreading toes. Called also surgeon bird.
jacare noun A cayman. See Yacare.
jacent adjective Lying at length; as, the jacent posture.
jackal noun Any one of several species of carnivorous animals inhabiting Africa and Asia, related to the dog and wolf. They are cowardly, nocturnal, and gregarious. They feed largely on carrion, and are noted for their piercing and dismal howling., One who does mean work for another’s advantage, as jackals were once thought to kill game which lions appropriated.
jacket noun A short upper garment, extending downward to the hips; a short coat without skirts., An outer covering for anything, esp. a covering of some nonconducting material such as wood or felt, used to prevent radiation of heat, as from a steam boiler, cylinder, pipe, etc., In ordnance, a strengthening band surrounding and reenforcing the tube in which the charge is fired., A garment resembling a waistcoat lined with cork, to serve as a life preserver; — called also cork jacket., To put a jacket on; to furnish, as a boiler, with a jacket., To thrash; to beat.
jading present participle & vb. noun of Jade
jadery noun The tricks of a jade.
jadish adjective Vicious; ill-tempered; resembling a jade; — applied to a horse., Unchaste; — applied to a woman.
jaeger noun See Jager.
jagged imp. & past participle of Jag, Having jags; having rough, sharp notches, protuberances, or teeth; cleft; laciniate; divided; as, jagged rocks.
jagger noun One who carries about a small load; a peddler. See 2d Jag., One who, or that which, jags; specifically: (a) jagging iron used for crimping pies, cakes, etc. (b) A toothed chisel. See Jag, v. t.
jaghir noun A village or district the government and revenues of which are assigned to some person, usually in consideration of some service to be rendered, esp. the maintenance of troops.
jaguar noun A large and powerful feline animal (Felis onca), ranging from Texas and Mexico to Patagonia. It is usually brownish yellow, with large, dark, somewhat angular rings, each generally inclosing one or two dark spots. It is chiefly arboreal in its habits. Called also the American tiger.
jailer noun The keeper of a jail or prison.
jairou noun The ahu or Asiatic gazelle.
jalons noun pl. Long poles, topped with wisps of straw, used as landmarks and signals.
jammed imp. & past participle of Jam
jambee noun A fashionable cane.
jambes noun Alt. of Jambeux
jangle verb i. To sound harshly or discordantly, as bells out of tune., To talk idly; to prate; to babble; to chatter; to gossip., To quarrel in words; to altercate; to wrangle., To cause to sound harshly or inharmoniously; to produce discordant sounds with., Idle talk; prate; chatter; babble., Discordant sound; wrangling.
janker noun A long pole on two wheels, used in hauling logs.
japery noun Jesting; buffoonery.
jarred imp. & past participle of Jar
jarble verb t. To wet; to bemire.
jargle verb i. To emit a harsh or discordant sound.
jargon noun Confused, unintelligible language; gibberish; hence, an artificial idiom or dialect; cant language; slang., To utter jargon; to emit confused or unintelligible sounds; to talk unintelligibly, or in a harsh and noisy manner., A variety of zircon. See Zircon.
jarnut noun An earthnut.
jarrah noun The mahoganylike wood of the Australian Eucalyptus marginata. See Eucalyptus.
jarvey noun Alt. of Jarvy
jasper noun An opaque, impure variety of quartz, of red, yellow, and other dull colors, breaking with a smooth surface. It admits of a high polish, and is used for vases, seals, snuff boxes, etc. When the colors are in stripes or bands, it is called striped / banded jasper. The Egyptian pebble is a brownish yellow jasper.
jaunce verb i. To ride hard; to jounce.
jaunty superl. Airy; showy; finical; hence, characterized by an affected or fantastical manner.
jawing present participle & vb. noun of Jaw, Scolding; clamorous or abusive talk.
jeames noun A footman; a flunky.
jeered imp. & past participle of Jeer
jeerer noun A scoffer; a railer; a mocker.
jejune adjective Lacking matter; empty; void of substance., Void of interest; barren; meager; dry; as, a jejune narrative.
jenite noun See Yenite.
jennet noun A small Spanish horse; a genet.
jerboa noun Any small jumping rodent of the genus Dipus, esp. D. Aegyptius, which is common in Egypt and the adjacent countries. The jerboas have very long hind legs and a long tail.
jereed noun A blunt javelin used by the people of the Levant, especially in mock fights.
jerked imp. & past participle of Jerk
jerker noun A beater., One who jerks or moves with a jerk., A North American river chub (Hybopsis biguttatus).
jerkin noun A jacket or short coat; a close waistcoat., A male gyrfalcon.
jersey noun The finest of wool separated from the rest; combed wool; also, fine yarn of wool., A kind of knitted jacket; hence, in general, a closefitting jacket or upper garment made of an elastic fabric (as stockinet)., One of a breed of cattle in the Island of Jersey. Jerseys are noted for the richness of their milk.
jesses plural of Jess
jessed adjective Having jesses on, as a hawk.
jested imp. & past participle of Jest
jester noun A buffoon; a merry-andrew; a court fool., A person addicted to jesting, or to indulgence in light and amusing talk.
jesuit noun One of a religious order founded by Ignatius Loyola, and approved in 1540, under the title of The Society of Jesus., Fig.: A crafty person; an intriguer.
jetted imp. & past participle of Jet
jetsam noun Alt. of Jetson
jetson noun Goods which sink when cast into the sea, and remain under water; — distinguished from flotsam, goods which float, and ligan, goods which are sunk attached to a buoy., Jettison. See Jettison, 1.
jettee noun See Jetty, n.
jetter noun One who struts; one who bears himself jauntily; a fop.
jetton noun A metal counter used in playing cards.
jewess fem. A Hebrew woman.
jewise noun Same as Juise.
jewish adjective Of or pertaining to the Jews or Hebrews; characteristic of or resembling the Jews or their customs; Israelitish.
jharal noun A wild goat (Capra Jemlaica) which inhabits the loftiest mountains of India. It has long, coarse hair, forming a thick mane on its head and neck.
jibber noun A horse that jibs.
jibing present participle & vb. noun of Jibe
jigged imp. & past participle of Jig
jigger noun A species of flea (Sarcopsylla, / Pulex, penetrans), which burrows beneath the skin. See Chigoe., One who, or that which, jigs; specifically, a miner who sorts or cleans ore by the process of jigging; also, the sieve used in jigging., A horizontal table carrying a revolving mold, on which earthen vessels are shaped by rapid motion; a potter’s wheel., A templet or tool by which vessels are shaped on a potter’s wheel., A light tackle, consisting of a double and single block and the fall, used for various purposes, as to increase the purchase on a topsail sheet in hauling it home; the watch tackle., A small fishing vessel, rigged like a yawl., A supplementary sail. See Dandy, n., 2 (b)., A pendulum rolling machine for slicking or graining leather; same as Jack, 4 (i).
jiggle verb i. To wriggle or frisk about; to move awkwardly; to shake up and down.
jigjog noun A jolting motion; a jogging pace., Having a jolting motion.
jilted imp. & past participle of Jilt
jingal noun A small portable piece of ordnance, mounted on a swivel.
jingle verb i. To sound with a fine, sharp, rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound; as, sleigh bells jingle., To rhyme or sound with a jingling effect., To cause to give a sharp metallic sound as a little bell, or as coins shaken together; to tinkle., A rattling, clinking, or tinkling sound, as of little bells or pieces of metal., That which makes a jingling sound, as a rattle., A correspondence of sound in rhymes, especially when the verse has little merit; hence, the verse itself.
jinnee noun A genius or demon; one of the fabled genii, good and evil spirits, supposed to be the children of fire, and to have the power of assuming various forms.
jobbed imp. & past participle of Job
jobber noun One who works by the job., A dealer in the public stocks or funds; a stockjobber., One who buys goods from importers, wholesalers, or manufacturers, and sells to retailers., One who turns official or public business to private advantage; hence, one who performs low or mercenary work in office, politics, or intrigue.
jockey noun A professional rider of horses in races., A dealer in horses; a horse trader., A cheat; one given to sharp practice in trade., ” To jostle by riding against one.”, To play the jockey toward; to cheat; to trick; to impose upon in trade; as, to jockey a customer., To play or act the jockey; to cheat.
jocose adjective Given to jokes and jesting; containing a joke, or abounding in jokes; merry; sportive; humorous.
jocund Merry; cheerful; gay; airy; lively; sportive., Merrily; cheerfully.
jogged imp. & past participle of Jog
jogger noun One who jogs.
joggle verb t. To shake slightly; to push suddenly but slightly, so as to cause to shake or totter; to jostle; to jog., To join by means of joggles, so as to prevent sliding apart; sometimes, loosely, to dowel., To shake or totter; to slip out of place., A notch or tooth in the joining surface of any piece of building material to prevent slipping; sometimes, but incorrectly, applied to a separate piece fitted into two adjacent stones, or the like.
johnny noun A familiar diminutive of John., A sculpin.
joined imp. & past participle of Join
joiner noun One who, or that which, joins., One whose occupation is to construct articles by joining pieces of wood; a mechanic who does the woodwork (as doors, stairs, etc.) necessary for the finishing of buildings., A wood-working machine, for sawing, plaining, mortising, tenoning, grooving, etc.
joking present participle & vb. noun of Joke
jolted imp. & past participle of Jolt
jolter noun One who, or that which, jolts.
jordan noun Alt. of Jorden
jorden noun A pot or vessel with a large neck, formerly used by physicians and alchemists., A chamber pot.
joseph noun An outer garment worn in the 18th century; esp., a woman’s riding habit, buttoned down the front.
jostle verb t. To run against and shake; to push out of the way; to elbow; to hustle; to disturb by crowding; to crowd against., To push; to crowd; to hustle., A conflict by collisions; a crowding or bumping together; interference.
jotted imp. & past participle of Jot
jotter noun One who jots down memoranda., A memorandum book.
jounce verb t. & i. To jolt; to shake, especially by rough riding or by driving over obstructions., A jolt; a shake; a hard trot.
jovial adjective Of or pertaining to the god, or the planet, Jupiter., Sunny; serene., Gay; merry; joyous; jolly; mirth-inspiring; hilarious; characterized by mirth or jollity; as, a jovial youth; a jovial company; a jovial poem.
jovian adjective Of or pertaining to Jove, or Jupiter (either the deity or the planet).
jowler noun A dog with large jowls, as the beagle.
jowter noun A mounted peddler of fish; — called also jouster.
joying present participle & vb. noun of Joy
joyace noun Enjoyment; gayety; festivity; joyfulness.
joyful adjective Full of joy; having or causing joy; very glad; as, a joyful heart.
joyous adjective Glad; gay; merry; joyful; also, affording or inspiring joy; with of before the word or words expressing the cause of joy.
jubate adjective Fringed with long, pendent hair.
judaic adjective Alt. of Judaical
judean adjective Of or pertaining to Judea., A native of Judea; a Jew.
judged imp. & past participle of Judge
judger noun One who judges.
jugged imp. & past participle of Jug
jugata noun pl. The figures of two heads on a medal or coin, either side by side or joined.
jugger noun An East Indian falcon. See Lugger.
juggle verb i. To play tricks by sleight of hand; to cause amusement and sport by tricks of skill; to conjure., To practice artifice or imposture., To deceive by trick or artifice., A trick by sleight of hand., An imposture; a deception., A block of timber cut to a length, either in the round or split.
jugula plural of Jugulum
jugums plural of Jugum
jujube noun The sweet and edible drupes (fruits) of several Mediterranean and African species of small trees, of the genus Zizyphus, especially the Z. jujuba, Z. vulgaris, Z. mucronata, and Z. Lotus. The last named is thought to have furnished the lotus of the ancient Libyan Lotophagi, or lotus eaters.
julian adjective Relating to, or derived from, Julius Caesar.
julies plural of July
jumart noun The fabled offspring of a bull and a mare.
jumble verb t. To mix in a confused mass; to put or throw together without order; — often followed by together or up., To meet or unite in a confused way; to mix confusedly., A confused mixture; a mass or collection without order; as, a jumble of words., A small, thin, sugared cake, usually ring-shaped.
jument noun A beast; especially, a beast of burden.
jumped imp. & past participle of Jump
jumper noun One who, or that which, jumps., A long drilling tool used by masons and quarrymen., A rude kind of sleigh; — usually, a simple box on runners which are in one piece with the poles that form the thills., The larva of the cheese fly. See Cheese fly, under Cheese., A name applied in the 18th century to certain Calvinistic Methodists in Wales whose worship was characterized by violent convulsions., spring to impel the star wheel, also a pawl to lock fast a wheel, in a repeating timepiece., A loose upper garment, A sort of blouse worn by workmen over their ordinary dress to protect it., A fur garment worn in Arctic journeys.
jungle noun A dense growth of brushwood, grasses, reeds, vines, etc.; an almost impenetrable thicket of trees, canes, and reedy vegetation, as in India, Africa, Australia, and Brazil.
jungly adjective Consisting of jungles; abounding with jungles; of the nature of a jungle.
junior adjective Less advanced in age than another; younger., Lower in standing or in rank; later in office; as, a junior partner; junior counsel; junior captain., Composed of juniors, whether younger or a lower standing; as, the junior class; of or pertaining to juniors or to a junior class. See Junior, n., 2., Belonging to a younger person, or an earlier time of life., A younger person., Hence: One of a lower or later standing; specifically, in American colleges, one in the third year of his course, one in the fourth or final year being designated a senior; in some seminaries, one in the first year, in others, one in the second year, of a three years’ course.
junker noun A young German noble or squire; esp., a member of the aristocratic party in Prussia.
junket noun A cheese cake; a sweetmeat; any delicate food., A feast; an entertainment., To feast; to banquet; to make an entertainment; — sometimes applied opprobriously to feasting by public officers at the public cost., To give entertainment to; to feast.
juntas plural of Junta
juntos plural of Junto
juppon noun A sleeveless jacket worn over the armor in the 14th century. It fitted closely, and descended below the hips., A petticoat.
jurdon noun Jordan.
jurist adjective One who professes the science of law; one versed in the law, especially in the civil law; a writer on civil and international law.
juries plural of Jury
justle verb i. To run or strike against each other; to encounter; to clash; to jostle., To push; to drive; to force by running against; to jostle., An encounter or shock; a jostle.
justly adjective In a just manner; in conformity to law, justice, or propriety; by right; honestly; fairly; accurately.
jutted imp. & past participle of Jut
juwise noun Same as Juise.
junold adjective See Gimmal.