6 letter word starting with ni

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nibbed adjective Having a nib or point.
nibble verb t. To bite by little at a time; to seize gently with the mouth; to eat slowly or in small bits., To bite upon something gently or cautiously; to eat a little of a thing, as by taking small bits cautiously; as, fishes nibble at the bait., A small or cautious bite.
nicely adverb In a nice manner.
nicene adjective Of or pertaining to Nice, a town of Asia Minor, or to the ecumenial council held there A. D. 325.
nicery noun Nicety.
nicety noun The quality or state of being nice (in any of the senses of that word.)., Delicacy or exactness of perception; minuteness of observation or of discrimination; precision., A delicate expression, act, mode of treatment, distinction, or the like; a minute distinction.
niched adjective Placed in a niche.
nicked imp. & past participle of Nick
nickel noun A bright silver-white metallic element. It is of the iron group, and is hard, malleable, and ductile. It occurs combined with sulphur in millerite, with arsenic in the mineral niccolite, and with arsenic and sulphur in nickel glance. Symbol Ni. Atomic weight 58.6., A small coin made of or containing nickel; esp., a five-cent piece.
nicker verb t. One of the night brawlers of London formerly noted for breaking windows with half-pence., The cutting lip which projects downward at the edge of a boring bit and cuts a circular groove in the wood to limit the size of the hole that is bored.
nickle noun The European woodpecker, or yaffle; — called also nicker pecker.
nidary noun A collection of nests.
nidget noun A fool; an idiot, a coward.
niding noun A coward; a dastard; — a term of utmost opprobrium.
niello noun A metallic alloy of a deep black color., The art, process, or method of decorating metal with incised designs filled with the black alloy., A piece of metal, or any other object, so decorated., An impression on paper taken from an ancient incised decoration or metal plate.
nigged noun Hammer-dressed; — said of building stone.
nigger noun A negro; — in vulgar derision or depreciation.
niggle verb t. To trifle with; to deceive; to mock., To trifle or play., To act or walk mincingly., To fret and snarl about trifles.
nighly adverb In a near relation in place, time, degree, etc.; within a little; almost.
nilgau noun see Nylghau.
nilled imp. & past participle of Nill
nimmed of Nim
nimble superl. Light and quick in motion; moving with ease and celerity; lively; swift.
nimbly adverb In a nimble manner; with agility; with light, quick motion.
nimbus noun A circle, or disk, or any indication of radiant light around the heads of divinities, saints, and sovereigns, upon medals, pictures, etc.; a halo. See Aureola, and Glory, n., 5., A rain cloud; one of the four principal varieties of clouds. See Cloud.
nimmer noun A thief.
ninety adjective Nine times ten; eighty-nine and one more; as, ninety men., The sum of nine times ten; the number greater by a unit than eighty-nine; ninety units or objects., A symbol representing ninety units, as 90 or xc.
niobic adjective Same as Columbic.
nipped imp. & past participle of Nip
nipper noun One who, or that which, nips., A fore tooth of a horse. The nippers are four in number., A satirist., A pickpocket; a young or petty thief., The cunner., A European crab (Polybius Henslowii).
nipple noun The protuberance through which milk is drawn from the breast or mamma; the mammilla; a teat; a pap., The orifice at which any animal liquid, as the oil from an oil bag, is discharged., Any small projection or article in which there is an orifice for discharging a fluid, or for other purposes; as, the nipple of a nursing bottle; the nipple of a percussion lock, or that part on which the cap is put and through which the fire passes to the charge., A pipe fitting, consisting of a short piece of pipe, usually provided with a screw thread at each end, for connecting two other fittings.
nitric adjective Of, pertaining to, or containing, nitrogen; specifically, designating any one of those compounds in which, as contrasted with nitrous compounds, the element has a higher valence; as, nitric oxide; nitric acid.
nitro- A combining form or an adjective denoting the presence of niter., A combining form (used also adjectively) designating certain compounds of nitrogen or of its acids, as nitrohydrochloric, nitrocalcite; also, designating the group or radical NO2, or its compounds, as nitrobenzene.
nitrol noun Any one of a series of hydrocarbons containing the nitro and the nitroso or isonitroso group united to the same carbon atom.
nitrum noun Niter.
nitryl noun A name sometimes given to the nitro group or radical.
nitter noun The horselouse; an insect that deposits nits on horses.
nivose noun The fourth month of the French republican calendar [1792-1806]. It commenced December 21, and ended January 19. See VendEmiaire.