6 letter word starting with no

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nobley noun The body of nobles; the nobility., Noble birth; nobility; dignity.
nobody noun No person; no one; not anybody., A person of no influence or importance; an insignificant or contemptible person.
nocake noun Indian corn parched, and beaten to powder, — used for food by the Northern American Indians.
nocent adjective Doing hurt, or having a tendency to hurt; hurtful; mischievous; noxious; as, nocent qualities., Guilty; — the opposite of innocent., A criminal.
nocive adjective Hurtful; injurious.
nodded imp. & past participle of Nod
nodder noun One who nods; a drowsy person.
noddle noun The head; — used jocosely or contemptuously., The back part of the head or neck.
nodose adjective Knotty; having numerous or conspicuous nodes., Having nodes or prominences; having the alternate joints enlarged, as the antennae of certain insects.
nodous adjective Nodose; knotty; knotted.
nodule noun A rounded mass or irregular shape; a little knot or lump.
noetic adjective Alt. of Noetical
noggen adjective Made of hemp; hence, hard; rough; harsh.
noggin noun A small mug or cup., A measure equivalent to a gill.
noious adjective Annoying; troublesome.
noised imp. & past participle of Noise
nomade noun See Nomad, n.
nomial noun A name or term.
nonage noun The ninth part of movable goods, formerly payable to the clergy on the death of persons in their parishes., Time of life before a person becomes of age; legal immaturity; minority.
nonane noun One of a group of metameric hydrocarbons C9H20 of the paraffin series; — so called because of the nine carbon atoms in the molecule. Normal nonane is a colorless volatile liquid, an ingredient of ordinary kerosene.
nonett noun The titmouse.
nonius noun A vernier.
nonoic adjective Pertaining to, derived from, or resembling, nonane; as, nonoic acid, which is also called pelargonic acid. Cf. Pelargonic.
nonone noun Any one of several metameric unsaturated hydrocarbons (C9H14) of the valylene series.
noodle noun A simpleton; a blockhead; a stupid person; a ninny., A thin strip of dough, made with eggs, rolled up, cut into small pieces, and used in soup.
noosed imp. & past participle of Noose
norian adjective Pertaining to the upper portion of the Laurentian rocks.
norice noun Nurse.
norite noun A granular crystalline rock consisting essentially of a triclinic feldspar (as labradorite) and hypersthene.
norium noun A supposed metal alleged to have been discovered in zircon.
normal adjective According to an established norm, rule, or principle; conformed to a type, standard, or regular form; performing the proper functions; not abnormal; regular; natural; analogical., According to a square or rule; perpendicular; forming a right angle. Specifically: Of or pertaining to a normal., Standard; original; exact; typical., Denoting a solution of such strength that every cubic centimeter contains the same number of milligrams of the element in question as the number of its molecular weight., Denoting certain hypothetical compounds, as acids from which the real acids are obtained by dehydration; thus, normal sulphuric acid and normal nitric acid are respectively S(OH)6, and N(OH)5., Denoting that series of hydrocarbons in which no carbon atom is united with more than two other carbon atoms; as, normal pentane, hexane, etc. Cf. Iso-., Any perpendicular., A straight line or plane drawn from any point of a curve or surface so as to be perpendicular to the curve or surface at that point.
norman noun A wooden bar, or iron pin., Of or pertaining to Normandy or to the Normans; as, the Norman language; the Norman conquest., A native or inhabitant of Normandy; originally, one of the Northmen or Scandinavians who conquered Normandy in the 10th century; afterwards, one of the mixed (Norman-French) race which conquered England, under William the Conqueror.
norroy noun The most northern of the English Kings-at-arms. See King-at-arms, under King.
nosing present participle & vb. noun of Nose, That part of the treadboard of a stair which projects over the riser; hence, any like projection, as the projecting edge of a molding.
nostoc noun A genus of algae. The plants are composed of moniliform cells imbedded in a gelatinous substance.
notary noun One who records in shorthand what is said or done; as, the notary of an ecclesiastical body., A public officer who attests or certifies deeds and other writings, or copies of them, usually under his official seal, to make them authentic, especially in foreign countries. His duties chiefly relate to instruments used in commercial transactions, such as protests of negotiable paper, ship’s papers in cases of loss, damage, etc. He is generally called a notary public.
notate adjective Marked with spots or lines, which are often colored.
noting present participle & vb. noun of Note
nother conj. Neither; nor.
notice noun The act of noting, remarking, or observing; observation by the senses or intellect; cognizance; note., Intelligence, by whatever means communicated; knowledge given or received; means of knowledge; express notification; announcement; warning., An announcement, often accompanied by comments or remarks; as, book notices; theatrical notices., A writing communicating information or warning., Attention; respectful treatment; civility., To observe; to see to mark; to take note of; to heed; to pay attention to., To show that one has observed; to take public note of; remark upon; to make comments on; to refer to; as, to notice a book., To treat with attention and civility; as, to notice strangers.
notify verb t. To make known; to declare; to publish; as, to notify a fact to a person., To give notice to; to inform by notice; to apprise; as, the constable has notified the citizens to meet at the city hall; the bell notifies us of the time of meeting.
notion Mental apprehension of whatever may be known or imagined; an idea; a conception; more properly, a general or universal conception, as distinguishable or definable by marks or notae., A sentiment; an opinion., Sense; mind., An invention; an ingenious device; a knickknack; as, Yankee notions., Inclination; intention; disposition; as, I have a notion to do it.
notist noun An annotator.
nougat noun A cake, sweetmeat, or confection made with almonds or other nuts.
nought noun & adverb See Naught.
nounal adjective Of or pertaining to a noun.
nousel verb t. Alt. of Nousle
nousle verb t. To insnare; to entrap.
nouthe adverb Alt. of Nowthe
nowthe adverb Just now; at present., See Nouthe.
novene adjective Relating to, or dependent on, the number nine; novenary.
novice noun One who is new in any business, profession, or calling; one unacquainted or unskilled; one yet in the rudiments; a beginner; a tyro., One newly received into the church, or one newly converted to the Christian faith., One who enters a religious house, whether of monks or nuns, as a probationist., Like a novice; becoming a novice.
novity noun Newness; novelty.
noways adverb In no manner or degree; not at all; nowise.
nowise noun Not in any manner or degree; in no way; noways.
noyful adjective Full of annoyance.
noyous adjective Annoying; disagreeable.
nozzle noun The nose; the snout; hence, the projecting vent of anything; as, the nozzle of a bellows., A short tube, usually tapering, forming the vent of a hose or pipe., A short outlet, or inlet, pipe projecting from the end or side of a hollow vessel, as a steam-engine cylinder or a steam boiler.