6 letter word starting with rep

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
repace verb t. To pace again; to walk over again in a contrary direction.
repack verb t. To pack a second time or anew; as, to repack beef; to repack a trunk.
repaid imp. & p. p. of Repay., of Repay
repair verb i. To return., To go; to betake one’s self; to resort; ass, to repair to sanctuary for safety., The act of repairing or resorting to a place., Place to which one repairs; a haunt; a resort., To restore to a sound or good state after decay, injury, dilapidation, or partial destruction; to renew; to restore; to mend; as, to repair a house, a road, a shoe, or a ship; to repair a shattered fortune., To make amends for, as for an injury, by an equivalent; to indemnify for; as, to repair a loss or damage., Restoration to a sound or good state after decay, waste, injury, or partial restruction; supply of loss; reparation; as, materials are collected for the repair of a church or of a city., Condition with respect to soundness, perfectness, etc.; as, a house in good, or bad, repair; the book is out of repair.
repand adjective Having a slightly undulating margin; — said of leaves.
repass verb t. To pass again; to pass or travel over in the opposite direction; to pass a second time; as, to repass a bridge or a river; to repass the sea., To pass or go back; to move back; as, troops passing and repassing before our eyes.
repast noun The act of taking food., That which is taken as food; a meal; figuratively, any refreshment., To supply food to; to feast; to take food.
repeal verb t. To recall; to summon again, as persons., To recall, as a deed, will, law, or statute; to revoke; to rescind or abrogate by authority, as by act of the legislature; as, to repeal a law., To suppress; to repel., Recall, as from exile., Revocation; abrogation; as, the repeal of a statute; the repeal of a law or a usage.
repeat verb t. To go over again; to attempt, do, make, or utter again; to iterate; to recite; as, to repeat an effort, an order, or a poem., To make trial of again; to undergo or encounter again., To repay or refund (an excess received)., The act of repeating; repetition., That which is repeated; as, the repeat of a pattern; that is, the repetition of the engraved figure on a roller by which an impression is produced (as in calico printing, etc.)., A mark, or series of dots, placed before and after, or often only at the end of, a passage to be repeated in performance.
repent adjective Prostrate and rooting; — said of stems., Same as Reptant., To feel pain, sorrow, or regret, for what one has done or omitted to do., To change the mind, or the course of conduct, on account of regret or dissatisfaction., To be sorry for sin as morally evil, and to seek forgiveness; to cease to love and practice sin., To feel pain on account of; to remember with sorrow., To feel regret or sorrow; — used reflexively., To cause to have sorrow or regret; — used impersonally.
repine verb i. To fail; to wane., To continue pining; to feel inward discontent which preys on the spirits; to indulge in envy or complaint; to murmur., Vexation; mortification.
repkie noun Any edible sea urchin.
replum noun The framework of some pods, as the cress, which remains after the valves drop off.
repone verb t. To replace.
report verb t. To refer., To bring back, as an answer; to announce in return; to relate, as what has been discovered by a person sent to examine, explore, or investigate; as, a messenger reports to his employer what he has seen or ascertained; the committee reported progress., To give an account of; to relate; to tell; to circulate publicly, as a story; as, in the common phrase, it is reported., To give an official account or statement of; as, a treasurer reports the receipts and expenditures., To return or repeat, as sound; to echo., To return or present as the result of an examination or consideration of any matter officially referred; as, the committee reported the bill witth amendments, or reported a new bill, or reported the results of an inquiry., To make minutes of, as a speech, or the doings of a public body; to write down from the lips of a speaker., To write an account of for publication, as in a newspaper; as, to report a public celebration or a horse race., To make a statement of the conduct of, especially in an unfavorable sense; as, to report a servant to his employer., To make a report, or response, in respect of a matter inquired of, a duty enjoined, or information expected; as, the committee will report at twelve o’clock., To furnish in writing an account of a speech, the proceedings at a meeting, the particulars of an occurrence, etc., for publication., To present one’s self, as to a superior officer, or to one to whom service is due, and to be in readiness for orders or to do service; also, to give information, as of one’s address, condition, etc.; as, the officer reported to the general for duty; to report weekly by letter., That which is reported., An account or statement of the results of examination or inquiry made by request or direction; relation., A story or statement circulating by common talk; a rumor; hence, fame; repute; reputation., Sound; noise; as, the report of a pistol or cannon., An official statement of facts, verbal or written; especially, a statement in writing of proceedings and facts exhibited by an officer to his superiors; as, the reports of the heads af departments to Congress, of a master in chancery to the court, of committees to a legislative body, and the like., An account or statement of a judicial opinion or decision, or of case argued and determined in a court of law, chancery, etc.; also, in the plural, the volumes containing such reports; as, Coke’s Reports., A sketch, or a fully written account, of a speech, debate, or the proceedings of a public meeting, legislative body, etc., Rapport; relation; connection; reference.
repose verb To cause to stop or to rest after motion; hence, to deposit; to lay down; to lodge; to reposit., To lay at rest; to cause to be calm or quiet; to compose; to rest, — often reflexive; as, to repose one’s self on a couch., To place, have, or rest; to set; to intrust., To lie at rest; to rest., Figuratively, to remain or abide restfully without anxiety or alarms., To lie; to be supported; as, trap reposing on sand., A lying at rest; sleep; rest; quiet., Rest of mind; tranquillity; freedom from uneasiness; also, a composed manner or deportment., A rest; a pause., That harmony or moderation which affords rest for the eye; — opposed to the scattering and division of a subject into too many unconnected parts, and also to anything which is overstrained; as, a painting may want repose.
repour verb t. To pour again.
repugn verb t. To fight against; to oppose; to resist.
repute verb t. To hold in thought; to account; to estimate; to hold; to think; to reckon., Character reputed or attributed; reputation, whether good or bad; established opinion; public estimate., Specifically: Good character or reputation; credit or honor derived from common or public opinion; — opposed to disrepute.