6 letter word starting with to

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
tobine noun A stout twilled silk used for dresses.
tocher noun Dowry brought by a bride to her husband.
tockay noun A spotted lizard native of India.
tocsin noun An alarm bell, or the ringing of a bell for the purpose of alarm.
to-day preposition On this day; on the present day., The present day.
toddle verb i. To walk with short, tottering steps, as a child., A toddling walk.
toeing present participle & vb. noun of Toe
toffee noun Alt. of Toffy
tofore preposition Alt. of Toforn
toforn preposition Before.
toggle noun A wooden pin tapering toward both ends with a groove around its middle, fixed transversely in the eye of a rope to be secured to any other loop or bight or ring; a kind of button or frog capable of being readily engaged and disengaged for temporary purposes., Two rods or plates connected by a toggle joint.
toiled imp. & past participle of Toil
toiler noun One who toils, or labors painfully.
toilet noun A covering of linen, silk, or tapestry, spread over a table in a chamber or a dressing room., A dressing table., Act or mode of dressing, or that which is arranged in dressing; attire; dress; as, her toilet is perfect.
tolane noun A hydrocarbon, C14H10, related both to the acetylene and the aromatic series, and produced artificially as a white crystalline substance; — called also diphenyl acetylene.
toling present participle & vb. noun of Tole
toledo noun A sword or sword blade made at Toledo in Spain, which city was famous in the 16th and 17th centuries for the excellence of its weapons.
tolled imp. & past participle of Toll
toller noun A toll gatherer., One who tolls a bell.
tolmen noun See Dolmen.
tolsey noun A tollbooth; also, a merchants’ meeting place, or exchange.
toltec noun One of a race which formerly occupied Mexico.
toluic adjective Pertaining to, or designating, one of three metameric acids, CH3.C6H4.CO2H, which are related to toluene and analogous to benzoic acids. They are white crystalline substances, and are called respectively orthotoluic acid, metatoluic acid, and paratoluic acid.
toluid noun A complex double tolyl and toluidine derivative of glycocoll, obtained as a white crystalline substance.
toluol noun Alt. of Toluole
toluyl noun Any one of the three hypothetical radicals corresponding to the three toluic acids.
tomato noun The fruit of a plant of the Nightshade family (Lycopersicum esculentun); also, the plant itself. The fruit, which is called also love apple, is usually of a rounded, flattened form, but often irregular in shape. It is of a bright red or yellow color, and is eaten either cooked or uncooked.
tombed imp. & past participle of Tomb
tombac noun An alloy of copper and zinc, resembling brass, and containing about 84 per cent of copper; — called also German, / Dutch, brass. It is very malleable and ductile, and when beaten into thin leaves is sometimes called Dutch metal. The addition of arsenic makes white tombac.
tomboy noun A romping girl; a hoiden.
tomcat noun A male cat, especially when full grown or of large size.
tomcod noun A small edible American fish (Microgadus tomcod) of the Codfish family, very abundant in autumn on the Atlantic coast of the Northen United States; — called also frostfish. See Illust. under Frostfish., The kingfish. See Kingfish (a)., The jack. See 2d Jack, 8. (c).
tomium noun The cutting edge of the bill of a bird.
tomorn adverb To-morrow.
tompon noun An inking pad used in lithographic printing.
tomrig noun A rude, wild, wanton girl; a hoiden; a tomboy.
tomtit noun A titmouse, esp. the blue titmouse., The wren.
toning present participle & vb. noun of Tone
tongue noun an organ situated in the floor of the mouth of most vertebrates and connected with the hyoid arch., The power of articulate utterance; speech., Discourse; fluency of speech or expression., Honorable discourse; eulogy., A language; the whole sum of words used by a particular nation; as, the English tongue., Speech; words or declarations only; — opposed to thoughts or actions., A people having a distinct language., The lingual ribbon, or odontophore, of a mollusk., The proboscis of a moth or a butterfly., The lingua of an insect., Any small sole., That which is considered as resembing an animal’s tongue, in position or form., A projection, or slender appendage or fixture; as, the tongue of a buckle, or of a balance., A projection on the side, as of a board, which fits into a groove., A point, or long, narrow strip of land, projecting from the mainland into a sea or a lake., The pole of a vehicle; especially, the pole of an ox cart, to the end of which the oxen are yoked., The clapper of a bell., A short piece of rope spliced into the upper part of standing backstays, etc.; also. the upper main piece of a mast composed of several pieces., Same as Reed, n., 5., To speak; to utter., To chide; to scold., To modulate or modify with the tongue, as notes, in playing the flute and some other wind instruments., To join means of a tongue and grove; as, to tongue boards together., To talk; to prate., To use the tongue in forming the notes, as in playing the flute and some other wind instruments.
tonguy adjective Ready or voluble in speaking; as, a tonguy speaker.
tonite noun An explosive compound; a preparation of gun cotton.
tonous adjective Abounding in tone or sound.
tonsil noun One of the two glandular organs situated in the throat at the sides of the fauces. The tonsils are sometimes called the almonds, from their shape.
tonsor noun A barber.
tonies plural of Tony
tooled imp. & past participle of Tool
tooted imp. & past participle of Toot
tooter noun One who toots; one who plays upon a pipe or horn.
toothy adjective Toothed; with teeth.
toozoo noun The ringdove.
topped imp. & past participle of Top
toping present participle & vb. noun of Tope
topful adjective Full to the top, ore brim; brimfull.
tophet noun A place lying east or southeast of Jerusalem, in the valley of Hinnom.
tophin noun Same as Toph.
tophus noun One of the mineral concretions about the joints, and in other situations, occurring chiefly in gouty persons. They consist usually of urate of sodium; when occurring in the internal organs they are also composed of phosphate of calcium., Calcareous tufa.
topmem plural of Topman
topman noun See Topsman, 2., A man stationed in the top.
topple verb i. To fall forward; to pitch or tumble down., To throw down; to overturn.
toquet noun See Toque, 1.
torace verb t. Alt. of Torase
torase verb t. To scratch to pieces.
torose adjective Cylindrical with alternate swellings and contractions; having the surface covered with rounded prominences.
torous adjective Torose.
torpid adjective Having lost motion, or the power of exertion and feeling; numb; benumbed; as, a torpid limb., Dull; stupid; sluggish; inactive.
torpor noun Loss of motion, or of the motion; a state of inactivity with partial or total insensibility; numbness., Dullness; sluggishness; inactivity; as, a torpor of the mental faculties.
torque noun A collar or neck chain, usually twisted, especially as worn by ancient barbaric nations, as the Gauls, Germans, and Britons., That which tends to produce torsion; a couple of forces., A turning or twisting; tendency to turn, or cause to turn, about an axis.
torrid adjective Parched; dried with heat; as, a torrid plain or desert., Violenty hot; drying or scorching with heat; burning; parching.
torril noun A worthless woman; also, a worthless horse.
torsal noun A torsel.
torsel noun A plate of timber for the end of a beam or joist to rest on.
torsos plural of Torso
torula noun A chain of special bacteria. (b) A genus of budding fungi. Same as Saccharomyces. Also used adjectively.
torved adjective Stern; grim. See Torvous.
tories plural of Tory
tossed imp. & past participle of Toss
tossel noun See Tassel.
tosser noun Ohe who tosser.
toting present participle & vb. noun of Tote
totear verb t. To tear or rend in pieces.
totter verb i. To shake so as to threaten a fall; to vacillate; to be unsteady; to stagger; as,an old man totters with age., To shake; to reel; to lean; to waver.
toucan noun Any one of numerous species of fruit-eating birds of tropical America belonging to Ramphastos, Pteroglossus, and allied genera of the family Ramphastidae. They have a very large, but light and thin, beak, often nearly as long as the body itself. Most of the species are brilliantly colored with red, yellow, white, and black in striking contrast., A modern constellation of the southern hemisphere.
touchy adjective Peevish; irritable; irascible; techy; apt to take fire.
touite noun The wood warbler.
toupee noun Alt. of Toupet
toupet noun A little tuft; a curl or artificial lock of hair., A small wig, or a toppiece of a wig.
toured imp. & past participle of Tour
toused imp. & past participle of Touze
tousel verb t. Same as Tousle.
touser noun One who touses.
tousle verb t. To put into disorder; to tumble; to touse.
touter noun One who seeks customers, as for an inn, a public conveyance, shops, and the like: hence, an obtrusive candidate for office.
towing present participle & vb. noun of Tow
towage verb The act of towing., The price paid for towing.
towall noun A towel.
toward preposition Alt. of Towards, Alt. of Towards, Approaching; coming near., Readly to do or learn; compliant with duty; not froward; apt; docile; tractable; as, a toward youth., Ready to act; forward; bold; valiant.
towery adjective Having towers; adorned or defended by towers.
towhee noun The chewink.
towned adjective Having towns; containing many towns.
towser noun A familiar name for a dog.
toxine noun A poisonous product formed by pathogenic bacteria, as a toxic proteid or poisonous ptomaine.
toying present participle & vb. noun of Toy
toyear adverb This year.
toyful adjective Full of trifling play.
toyish adjective Sportive; trifling; wanton., Resembling a toy.
toyman noun One who deals in toys.