6 letter word starting with unr

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
unread adjective Not read or perused; as, an unread book., Not versed in literature; illiterate.
unreal adjective Not real; unsubstantial; fanciful; ideal.
unrein verb t. To loosen the reins of; to remove restraint from.
unrest noun Want of rest or repose; unquietness; sleeplessness; uneasiness; disquietude.
unripe adjective Not ripe; as, unripe fruit., Developing too early; premature.
unrobe verb t. & i. To disrobe; to undress; to take off the robes.
unroll verb t. To open, as what is rolled or convolved; as, to unroll cloth; to unroll a banner., To display; to reveal., To remove from a roll or register, as a name.
unroof verb t. To strip off the roof or covering of, as a house.
unroot verb t. To tear up by the roots; to eradicate; to uproot., To be torn up by the roots.
unrude adjective Not rude; polished., Excessively rude.
unruly superl. Not submissive to rule; disregarding restraint; disposed to violate; turbulent; ungovernable; refractory; as, an unruly boy; unruly boy; unruly conduct.