6 letter word starting with up

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
upbear verb t. To bear up; to raise aloft; to support in an elevated situation; to sustain.
upbind verb t. To bind up.
upblow verb t. To inflate., To blow up; as, the wind upblows from the sea.
upcast adjective Cast up; thrown upward; as, with upcast eyes., A cast; a throw., The ventilating shaft of a mine out of which the air passes after having circulated through the mine; — distinguished from the downcast. Called also upcast pit, and upcast shaft., An upset, as from a carriage., A taunt; a reproach., To cast or throw up; to turn upward., To taunt; to reproach; to upbraid.
upcoil verb t. & i. To coil up; to make into a coil, or to be made into a coil.
upcurl verb t. To curl up.
updive verb i. To spring upward; to rise.
updraw verb t. To draw up.
upfill verb t. To fill up.
upflow verb i. To flow or stream up.
upgaze verb i. To gaze upward.
upgive verb t. To give up or out.
upgrow verb i. To grow up.
upgush noun A gushing upward., To gush upward.
uphand adjective Lifted by the hand, or by both hands; as, the uphand sledge.
uphang verb t. To hang up.
uphasp verb t. To hasp or faster up; to close; as, sleep uphasps the eyes.
upheld imp. & p. p. of Uphold.
uphill adverb Upwards on, or as on, a hillside; as, to walk uphill., Ascending; going up; as, an uphill road., Attended with labor; difficult; as, uphill work.
uphilt verb t. To thrust in up to the hilt; as, to uphilt one’s sword into an enemy.
uphold verb t. To hold up; to lift on high; to elevate., To keep erect; to support; to sustain; to keep from falling; to maintain., To aid by approval or encouragement; to countenance; as, to uphold a person in wrongdoing.
uphroe noun Same as Euphroe.
upland noun High land; ground elevated above the meadows and intervals which lie on the banks of rivers, near the sea, or between hills; land which is generally dry; — opposed to lowland, meadow, marsh, swamp, interval, and the like., The country, as distinguished from the neighborhood of towns., Of or pertaining to uplands; being on upland; high in situation; as, upland inhabitants; upland pasturage., Pertaining to the country, as distinguished from the neighborhood of towns; rustic; rude; unpolished.
uplead verb t. To lead upward.
uplean verb i. To lean or incline upon anything.
uplift verb t. To lift or raise aloft; to raise; to elevate; as, to uplift the arm; to uplift a rock., A raising or upheaval of strata so as to disturb their regularity and uniformity, and to occasion folds, dislocations, and the like.
uplock verb t. To lock up.
uplook verb i. To look or gaze up.
upmost adjective Highest; topmost; uppermost.
uppent adjective A Pent up; confined.
uppile verb t. To pile, or heap, up.
uppish adjective Proud; arrogant; assuming; putting on airs of superiority.
upprop verb t. To prop up.
uprear verb t. To raise; to erect.
uprise verb i. To rise; to get up; to appear from below the horizon., To have an upward direction or inclination., The act of rising; appearance above the horizon; rising.
uprist noun Uprising., imp. of Uprise. Uprose.
uproar noun Great tumult; violent disturbance and noise; noisy confusion; bustle and clamor., To throw into uproar or confusion., To make an uproar.
uproll verb t. To roll up.
uproot verb t. To root up; to tear up by the roots, or as if by the roots; to remove utterly; to eradicate; to extirpate.
uprush verb i. To rush upward., Act of rushing upward; an upbreak or upburst; as, an uprush of lava.
upseek verb i. To seek or strain upward.
upsend verb t. To send, cast, or throw up.
upshot noun Final issue; conclusion; the sum and substance; the end; the result; the consummation.
upside noun The upper side; the part that is uppermost.
upskip noun An upstart.
upsoar verb i. To soar or mount up.
upstay verb t. To sustain; to support.
upstir noun Insurrection; commotion; disturbance.
upsway verb t. To sway or swing aloft; as, to upsway a club.
uptake verb t. To take into the hand; to take up; to help., The pipe leading upward from the smoke box of a steam boiler to the chimney, or smokestack; a flue leading upward., Understanding; apprehension.
uptear verb t. To tear up.
uptill preposition
uptown adverb To or in the upper part of a town; as, to go uptown., Situated in, or belonging to, the upper part of a town or city; as, a uptown street, shop, etc.; uptown society.
upturn verb t. To turn up; to direct upward; to throw up; as, to upturn the ground in plowing.
upwaft verb t. To waft upward.
upward adverb Alt. of Upwards, Directed toward a higher place; as, with upward eye; with upward course., The upper part; the top.
upwind verb t. To wind up.