6 letter word starting with wh

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
whahoo noun An American tree, the winged elm. (Ulmus alata).
whaled imp. & past participle of Whala
whaler noun A vessel or person employed in the whale fishery., One who whales, or beats; a big, strong fellow; hence, anything of great or unusual size.
whally adjective Having the iris of light color; — said of horses.
wharfs plural of Wharf
whatso indef. pronoun Whatsoever; whosoever; whatever; anything that.
wheder pronoun & conj. Whether.
wheely adjective Circular; suitable to rotation.
wheeze verb i. To breathe hard, and with an audible piping or whistling sound, as persons affected with asthma., A piping or whistling sound caused by difficult respiration., An ordinary whisper exaggerated so as to produce the hoarse sound known as the “stage whisper.” It is a forcible whisper with some admixture of tone.
wheezy adjective Breathing with difficulty and with a wheeze; wheezing. Used also figuratively.
whelky adjective Having whelks, ridges, or protuberances; hence, streaked; striated., Shelly.
whenas conj. Whereas; while
whence adverb From what place; hence, from what or which source, origin, antecedent, premise, or the like; how; — used interrogatively., From what or which place, source, material, cause, etc.; the place, source, etc., from which; — used relatively.
wherry noun A passenger barge or lighter plying on rivers; also, a kind of light, half-decked vessel used in fishing., A long, narrow, light boat, sharp at both ends, for fast rowing or sailing; esp., a racing boat rowed by one person with sculls., A liquor made from the pulp of crab apples after the verjuice is expressed; — sometimes called crab wherry.
wherso adverb Wheresoever.
whewer noun The European widgeon.
wheyey adjective Of the nature of, or containing, whey; resembling whey; wheyish.
whider adverb Whither.
whiled imp. & past participle of While
whiles noun Meanwhile; meantime., sometimes; at times., During the time that; while.
whilom noun Formerly; once; of old; erewhile; at times.
whilst adverb While.
whimmy adjective Full of whims; whimsical.
whimsy noun A whim; a freak; a capricious notion, a fanciful or odd conceit., A whim., A whimsey.
whined imp. & past participle of Whine
whiner noun One who, or that which, whines.
whinge verb i. To whine.
whinny verb i. To utter the ordinary call or cry of a horse; to neigh., The ordinary cry or call of a horse; a neigh., Abounding in whin, gorse, or furze.
whirry verb i. To whir.
whisky noun A light carriage built for rapid motion; — called also tim-whiskey., Alt. of Whiskey
whited imp. & past participle of White
whiten verb i. To grow white; to turn or become white or whiter; as, the hair whitens with age; the sea whitens with foam; the trees in spring whiten with blossoms., To make white; to bleach; to blanch; to whitewash; as, to whiten a wall; to whiten cloth.
whites noun pl. Leucorrh/a., The finest flour made from white wheat., Cloth or garments of a plain white color.
whobub noun Hubbub.
wholly adverb In a whole or complete manner; entirely; completely; perfectly., To the exclusion of other things; totally; fully.
whored imp. & past participle of Whore
whurry verb t. To whisk along quickly; to hurry.