7 letter word starting with cle

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
cleaned imp. & past participle of Clean
cleaner noun One who, or that which, cleans.
cleanly superl. Habitually clean; pure; innocent., Cleansing; fitted to remove moisture; dirt, etc., Adroit; skillful; dexterous; artful., In a clean manner; neatly., Innocently; without stain., Adroitly; dexterously.
cleanse verb t. To render clean; to free from fith, pollution, infection, guilt, etc.; to clean.
cleared imp. & past participle of Clear
clearer noun One who, or that which, clears., A tool of which the hemp for lines and twines, used by sailmakers, is finished.
clearly adverb In a clear manner.
cleaved imp. of Cleave, of Cleave, of Cleave
cleaver noun One who cleaves, or that which cleaves; especially, a butcher’s instrument for cutting animal bodies into joints or pieces.
clement adjective Mild in temper and disposition; merciful; compassionate.
cleping present participle & vb. noun of Clepe
clerisy noun The literati, or well educated class., The clergy, or their opinions, as opposed to the laity.
clerkly adjective Of or pertaining to a clerk., In a scholarly manner.
clewing imp. & past participle & vb. noun of Clew