7 letter word starting with dex

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
dextrer noun A war horse., A war horse; a destrer.
dextrad adverb Toward the right side; dextrally.
dextral adjective Right, as opposed to sinistral, or left.
dextrin noun A translucent, gummy, amorphous substance, nearly tasteless and odorless, used as a substitute for gum, for sizing, etc., and obtained from starch by the action of heat, acids, or diastase. It is of somewhat variable composition, containing several carbohydrates which change easily to their respective varieties of sugar. It is so named from its rotating the plane of polarization to the right; — called also British gum, Alsace gum, gommelin, leiocome, etc. See Achroodextrin, and Erythrodextrin.
dextro- A prefix, from L. dexter, meaning, pertaining to, or toward, the right, having the property of turning the plane of polarized light to the right; as, dextrotartaric acid.