7 letter word starting with ea

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eagerly adverb In an eager manner.
eagless noun A female or hen eagle.
eagrass noun See Eddish.
eanling noun A lamb just brought forth; a yeanling.
earable adjective Arable; tillable.
earache noun Ache or pain in the ear.
eardrop noun A pendant for the ear; an earring; as, a pair of eardrops., A species of primrose. See Auricula.
eardrum noun The tympanum. See Illust. of Ear.
earldom noun The jurisdiction of an earl; the territorial possessions of an earl., The status, title, or dignity of an earl.
earless adjective Without ears; hence, deaf or unwilling to hear.
earlock noun A lock or curl of hair near the ear; a lovelock. See Lovelock.
earmark noun A mark on the ear of sheep, oxen, dogs, etc., as by cropping or slitting., A mark for identification; a distinguishing mark., To mark, as sheep, by cropping or slitting the ear.
earning present participle & vb. noun of Earn, That which is earned; wages gained by work or services; money earned; — used commonly in the plural.
earnest noun Seriousness; reality; fixed determination; eagerness; intentness., Ardent in the pursuit of an object; eager to obtain or do; zealous with sincerity; with hearty endeavor; heartfelt; fervent; hearty; — used in a good sense; as, earnest prayers., Intent; fixed closely; as, earnest attention., Serious; important., To use in earnest., Something given, or a part paid beforehand, as a pledge; pledge; handsel; a token of what is to come., Something of value given by the buyer to the seller, by way of token or pledge, to bind the bargain and prove the sale.
earnful adjective Full of anxiety or yearning.
earpick noun An instrument for removing wax from the ear.
earring noun An ornament consisting of a ring passed through the lobe of the ear, with or without a pendant.
earshot noun Reach of the ear; distance at which words may be heard.
earsore noun An annoyance to the ear.
earthed imp. & past participle of Earth
earthen adjective Made of earth; made of burnt or baked clay, or other like substances; as, an earthen vessel or pipe.
earthly adjective Pertaining to the earth; belonging to this world, or to man’s existence on the earth; not heavenly or spiritual; carnal; worldly; as, earthly joys; earthly flowers; earthly praise., Of all things on earth; possible; conceivable., Made of earth; earthy., In the manner of the earth or its people; worldly.
easeful adjective Full of ease; suitable for affording ease or rest; quiet; comfortable; restful.
eastern adjective Situated or dwelling in the east; oriental; as, an eastern gate; Eastern countries., Going toward the east, or in the direction of east; as, an eastern voyage.
easting noun The distance measured toward the east between two meridians drawn through the extremities of a course; distance of departure eastward made by a vessel.
eatable adjective Capable of being eaten; fit to be eaten; proper for food; esculent; edible., Something fit to be eaten.