7 letter word starting with fi

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fiancee noun A betrothed woman.
fibbing present participle & vb. noun of Fib
fibered adjective Alt. of Fibred
fibrine adjective Belonging to the fibers of plants.
fibroid adjective Resembling or forming fibrous tissue; made up of fibers; as, fibroid tumors., A fibroid tumor; a fibroma.
fibroin noun A variety of gelatin; the chief ingredient of raw silk, extracted as a white amorphous mass.
fibroma noun A tumor consisting mainly of fibrous tissue, or of same modification of such tissue.
fibrous adjective Containing, or consisting of, fibers; as, the fibrous coat of the cocoanut; the fibrous roots of grasses.
fibster noun One who tells fibs.
fibulae plural of Fibula
fictile adjective Molded, or capable of being molded, into form by art; relating to pottery or to molding in any soft material.
fiction noun The act of feigning, inventing, or imagining; as, by a mere fiction of the mind., That which is feigned, invented, or imagined; especially, a feigned or invented story, whether oral or written. Hence: A story told in order to deceive; a fabrication; — opposed to fact, or reality., Fictitious literature; comprehensively, all works of imagination; specifically, novels and romances., An assumption of a possible thing as a fact, irrespective of the question of its truth., Any like assumption made for convenience, as for passing more rapidly over what is not disputed, and arriving at points really at issue.
fictive adjective Feigned; counterfeit.
fidalgo noun The lowest title of nobility in Portugal, corresponding to that of Hidalgo in Spain.
fiddled imp. & past participle of Fiddle
fiddler noun One who plays on a fiddle or violin., A burrowing crab of the genus Gelasimus, of many species. The male has one claw very much enlarged, and often holds it in a position similar to that in which a musician holds a fiddle, hence the name; — called also calling crab, soldier crab, and fighting crab., The common European sandpiper (Tringoides hypoleucus); — so called because it continually oscillates its body.
fidgety adjective Restless; uneasy.
fielded imp. & past participle of Field, Engaged in the field; encamped.
fielden adjective Consisting of fields.
fielder noun A ball payer who stands out in the field to catch or stop balls.
fiendly adjective Fiendlike; monstrous; devilish.
fifteen adjective Five and ten; one more than fourteen., The sum of five and ten; fifteen units or objects., A symbol representing fifteen units, as 15, or xv.
fifthly adverb In the fifth place; as the fifth in order.
fifties plural of Fifty
fighter noun One who fights; a combatant; a warrior.
figment noun An invention; a fiction; something feigned or imagined.
figural adjective Represented by figure or delineation; consisting of figures; as, figural ornaments., Figurate. See Figurate.
figured imp. & past participle of Figure, Adorned with figures; marked with figures; as, figured muslin., Not literal; figurative., Free and florid; as, a figured descant. See Figurate, 3., Indicated or noted by figures.
figwort noun A genus of herbaceous plants (Scrophularia), mostly found in the north temperate zones. See Brownwort.
filacer noun A former officer in the English Court of Common Pleas; — so called because he filed the writs on which he made out process.
filaria noun A genus of slender, nematode worms of many species, parasitic in various animals. See Guinea worm.
filbert noun The fruit of the Corylus Avellana or hazel. It is an oval nut, containing a kernel that has a mild, farinaceous, oily taste, agreeable to the palate.
filched imp. & past participle of Filch
filcher noun One who filches; a thief.
filemot noun See Feullemort.
filiate verb t. To adopt as son or daughter; to establish filiation between.
filibeg noun Same as Kilt.
filical adjective Belonging to the Filices, r ferns.
filicic adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, ferns; as, filicic acid.
filiety noun The relation of a son to a father; sonship; — the correlative of paternity.
filling present participle & vb. noun of Fill, That which is used to fill a cavity or any empty space, or to supply a deficiency; as, filling for a cavity in a tooth, a depression in a roadbed, the space between exterior and interior walls of masonry, the pores of open-grained wood, the space between the outer and inner planks of a vessel, etc., The woof in woven fabrics., Prepared wort added to ale to cleanse it.
fillies plural of Filly
fimbria noun A fringe, or fringed border., A band of white matter bordering the hippocampus in the brain.
finning present participle & vb. noun of Fin
finable adjective Liable or subject to a fine; as, a finable person or offense.
finally adverb At the end or conclusion; ultimately; lastly; as, the contest was long, but the Romans finally conquered., Completely; beyond recovery.
finance noun The income of a ruler or of a state; revennue; public money; sometimes, the income of an individual; often used in the plural for funds; available money; resources., The science of raising and expending the public revenue.
finback noun Any whale of the genera Sibbaldius, Balaenoptera, and allied genera, of the family Balaenopteridae, characterized by a prominent fin on the back. The common finbacks of the New England coast are Sibbaldius tectirostris and S. tuberosus.
finched adjective Same as Finchbacked.
finding present participle & vb. noun of Find, That which is found, come upon, or provided; esp. (pl.), that which a journeyman artisan finds or provides for himself; as tools, trimmings, etc., Support; maintenance; that which is provided for one; expence; provision., The result of a judicial examination or inquiry, especially into some matter of fact; a verdict; as, the finding of a jury.
finesse adjective Subtilty of contrivance to gain a point; artifice; stratagem., The act of finessing. See Finesse, v. i., 2., To use artifice or stratagem., To attempt, when second or third player, to make a lower card answer the purpose of a higher, when an intermediate card is out, risking the chance of its being held by the opponent yet to play.
finfish noun A finback whale., True fish, as distinguished from shellfish.
finfoot noun A South American bird (heliornis fulica) allied to the grebes. The name is also applied to several related species of the genus Podica.
finical adjective Affectedly fine; overnice; unduly particular; fastidious.
finicky adjective Finical; unduly particular.
finific noun A limiting element or quality.
finikin adjective Precise in trifles; idly busy.
finless adjective destitute of fins.
finlike adjective Resembling a fin.
finnish adjective Of or pertaining to Finland, to the Finns, or to their language., A Northern Turanian group of languages; the language of the Finns.
finpike noun The bichir. See Crossopterygii.
fiorite noun A variety of opal occuring in the cavities of volcanic tufa, in smooth and shining globular and botryoidal masses, having a pearly luster; — so called from Fiora, in Ischia.
firearm noun A gun, pistol, or any weapon from a shot is discharged by the force of an explosive substance, as gunpowder.
firedog noun A support for wood in a fireplace; an andiron.
firefly noun Any luminous winged insect, esp. luminous beetles of the family Lampyridae.
firemen plural of Fireman
fireman noun A man whose business is to extinguish fires in towns; a member of a fire company., A man who tends the fires, as of a steam engine; a stocker.
firmans plural of Firman
firmity noun Strength; firmness; stability.
firring noun See Furring.
firstly adverb In the first place; before anything else; — sometimes improperly used for first.
fisetic adjective Pertaining to fustet or fisetin.
fisetin noun A yellow crystalline substance extracted from fustet, and regarded as its essential coloring principle; — called also fisetic acid.
fishing present participle & vb. noun of Fish, The act, practice, or art of one who fishes., A fishery., Pertaining to fishing; used in fishery; engaged in fishing; as, fishing boat; fishing tackle; fishing village.
fishery noun The business or practice of catching fish; fishing., A place for catching fish., The right to take fish at a certain place, or in particular waters.
fishful adjective Abounding with fish.
fishgig noun A spear with barbed prongs used for harpooning fish.
fishify verb t. To change to fish.
fissile adjective Capable of being split, cleft, or divided in the direction of the grain, like wood, or along natural planes of cleavage, like crystals.
fission noun A cleaving, splitting, or breaking up into parts., A method of asexual reproduction among the lowest (unicellular) organisms by means of a process of self-division, consisting of gradual division or cleavage of the into two parts, each of which then becomes a separate and independent organisms; as when a cell in an animal or plant, or its germ, undergoes a spontaneous division, and the parts again subdivide. See Segmentation, and Cell division, under Division., A process by which certain coral polyps, echinoderms, annelids, etc., spontaneously subdivide, each individual thus forming two or more new ones. See Strobilation.
fissure noun A narrow opening, made by the parting of any substance; a cleft; as, the fissure of a rock., To cleave; to divide; to crack or fracture.
fisting present participle & vb. noun of Fist
fistuca noun An instrument used by the ancients in driving piles.
fistula noun A reed; a pipe., A pipe for convejing water., A permanent abnormal opening into the soft parts with a constant discharge; a deep, narrow, chronic abscess; an abnormal opening between an internal cavity and another cavity or the surface; as, a salivary fistula; an anal fistula; a recto-vaginal fistula.
fistule noun A fistula.
fitting present participle & vb. noun of Fit, Anything used in fitting up, necessary fixtures or apparatus; as, the fittings of a church or study; gas fittings., Fit; appropriate; suitable; proper.
fitches plural of Fitch
fitched adjective Fitche.
fitchet noun Alt. of Fitchew
fitchew noun The European polecat (Putorius foetidus). See Polecat.
fitment noun The act of fitting; that which is proper or becoming; equipment.
fitness noun The state or quality of being fit; as, the fitness of measures or laws; a person’s fitness for office.
fitweed noun A plant (Eryngium foetidum) supposed to be a remedy for fits.
fixable adjective Capable of being fixed.
fixedly adverb In a fixed, stable, or constant manner.
fixture noun That which is fixed or attached to something as a permanent appendage; as, the fixtures of a pump; the fixtures of a farm or of a dwelling, that is, the articles which a tenant may not take away., State of being fixed; fixedness., Anything of an accessory character annexed to houses and lands, so as to constitute a part of them. This term is, however, quite frequently used in the peculiar sense of personal chattels annexed to lands and tenements, but removable by the person annexing them, or his personal representatives. In this latter sense, the same things may be fixtures under some circumstances, and not fixtures under others.
fizzing present participle & vb. noun of Fizz
fizzled imp. & past participle of Fizzle