7 letter word starting with ign

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
igneous adjective Pertaining to, having the nature of, fire; containing fire; resembling fire; as, an igneous appearance., Resulting from, or produced by, the action of fire; as, lavas and basalt are igneous rocks.
ignited imp. & past participle of Ignite
ignitor noun One who, or that which, produces ignition; especially, a contrivance for igniting the powder in a torpedo or the like.
ignoble adjective Of low birth or family; not noble; not illustrious; plebeian; common; humble., Not honorable, elevated, or generous; base., Not a true or noble falcon; — said of certain hawks, as the goshawk., To make ignoble.
ignobly adverb In an ignoble manner; basely.
ignored imp. & past participle of Ignore