7 letter word starting with jo

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
jobbing present participle & vb. noun of Job, Doing chance work or add jobs; as, a jobbing carpenter., Using opportunities of public service for private gain; as, a jobbing politician.
jobbery noun The act or practice of jobbing., Underhand management; official corruption; as, municipal jobbery.
jockeys plural of Jockey
jocular adjective Given to jesting; jocose; as, a jocular person., Sportive; merry.
jogging present participle & vb. noun of Jog, The act of giving a jog or jogs; traveling at a jog.
joggled imp. & past participle of Joggle
joining present participle & vb. noun of Join
joinant adjective Adjoining.
joinder verb t. The act of joining; a putting together; conjunction., A joining of parties as plaintiffs or defendants in a suit., Acceptance of an issue tendered in law or fact., A joining of causes of action or defense in civil suits or criminal prosecutions.
joinery noun The art, or trade, of a joiner; the work of a joiner.
jointed imp. & past participle of Joint, Having joints; articulated; full of nodes; knotty; as, a jointed doll; jointed structure.
jointer noun One who, or that which, joints., A plane for smoothing the surfaces of pieces which are to be accurately joined, The longest plane used by a joiner., A long stationary plane, for plaining the edges of barrel staves., A bent piece of iron inserted to strengthen the joints of a wall., A tool for pointing the joints in brickwork.
jointly adverb In a joint manner; together; unitedly; in concert; not separately.
joisted imp. & past participle of Joist
jollily adverb In a jolly manner.
jollity noun Noisy mirth; gayety; merriment; festivity; boisterous enjoyment.
jongler noun In the Middle Ages, a court attendant or other person who, for hire, recited or sang verses, usually of his own composition. See Troubadour., A juggler; a conjuror. See Juggler.
jonquil noun Alt. of Jonquille
jostled imp. & past participle of Jostle
jotting present participle & vb. noun of Jot
jounced imp. & past participle of Jounce
journal adjective Daily; diurnal., A diary; an account of daily transactions and events., A book of accounts, in which is entered a condensed and grouped statement of the daily transactions., A daily register of the ship’s course and distance, the winds, weather, incidents of the voyage, etc., The record of daily proceedings, kept by the clerk., A newspaper published daily; by extension, a weekly newspaper or any periodical publication, giving an account of passing events, the proceedings and memoirs of societies, etc., That which has occurred in a day; a day’s work or travel; a day’s journey., That portion of a rotating piece, as a shaft, axle, spindle, etc., which turns in a bearing or box. See Illust. of Axle box.
journey noun The travel or work of a day., Travel or passage from one place to another; hence, figuratively, a passage through life., To travel from place to place; to go from home to a distance., To traverse; to travel over or through.
jouster noun One who jousts or tilts.
joyancy noun Joyance.
joyless adjective Not having joy; not causing joy; unenjoyable.
joysome adjective Causing joyfulness.