7 letter word starting with mal

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
malabar noun A region in the western part of the Peninsula of India, between the mountains and the sea.
malacca noun A town and district upon the seacoast of the Malay Peninsula.
malaise noun An indefinite feeling of uneasiness, or of being sick or ill at ease.
malambo noun A yellowish aromatic bark, used in medicine and perfumery, said to be from the South American shrub Croton Malambo.
malamic adjective Of or pertaining an acid intermediate between malic acid and malamide, and known only by its salts.
malaria noun Air infected with some noxious substance capable of engendering disease; esp., an unhealthy exhalation from certain soils, as marshy or wet lands, producing fevers; miasma., A morbid condition produced by exhalations from decaying vegetable matter in contact with moisture, giving rise to fever and ague and many other symptoms characterized by their tendency to recur at definite and usually uniform intervals.
malayan adjective Of or pertaining to the Malays or their country., The Malay language.
maleate noun A salt of maleic acid.
malefic adjective Doing mischief; causing harm or evil; nefarious; hurtful.
malicho noun Mischief.
malison noun Malediction; curse; execration.
malling present participle & vb. noun of Mall
mallard adjective A drake; the male of Anas boschas., A large wild duck (Anas boschas) inhabiting both America and Europe. The domestic duck has descended from this species. Called also greenhead.
malleal adjective Pertaining to the malleus.
malleus noun The outermost of the three small auditory bones, ossicles; the hammer. It is attached to the tympanic membrane by a long process, the handle or manubrium. See Illust. of Far., One of the hard lateral pieces of the mastax of Rotifera. See Mastax., A genus of bivalve shells; the hammer shell.
mallows noun A genus of plants (Malva) having mucilaginous qualities. See Malvaceous.
malmsey noun A kind of sweet wine from Crete, the Canary Islands, etc.
malodor noun An Offensive to the sense of smell; ill-smelling.
malonic adjective Pertaining to, or designating, an acid produced artifically as a white crystalline substance, CH2.(CO2H)2, and so called because obtained by the oxidation of malic acid.
malonyl noun A hydrocarbon radical, CH2.(CO)2, from malonic acid.
malting present participle & vb. noun of Malt, The process of making, or of becoming malt.
maltese adjective Of or pertaining to Malta or to its inhabitants., A native or inhabitant of Malta; the people of Malta.
maltine noun The fermentative principle of malt; malt diastase; also, a name given to various medicinal preparations made from or containing malt.
maltmen plural of Maltman
maltman noun A man whose occupation is to make malt.
maltose noun A crystalline sugar formed from starch by the action of distance of malt, and the amylolytic ferment of saliva and pancreatic juice. It resembles dextrose, but rotates the plane of polarized light further to the right and possesses a lower cupric oxide reducing power.