7 letter word starting with pot

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
potting present participle & vb. noun of Pot, Tippling., The act of placing in a pot; as, the potting of plants; the potting of meats for preservation., The process of putting sugar in casks for cleansing and draining.
potable adjective Fit to be drunk; drinkable., A potable liquid; a beverage.
potager noun A porringer.
potagro noun See Potargo.
potance noun The stud in which the bearing for the lower pivot of the verge is made.
potargo noun A kind of sauce or pickle.
potassa noun Potassium oxide., Potassium hydroxide, commonly called caustic potash.
potator noun A drinker.
potcher noun One who, or that which, potches.
potelot noun Molybdenum sulphide.
potence noun Potency; capacity.
potency noun The quality or state of being potent; physical or moral power; inherent strength; energy; ability to effect a purpose; capability; efficacy; influence.
potheen noun See Poteen.
pothole noun A circular hole formed in the rocky beds of rivers by the grinding action of stones or gravel whirled round by the water in what was at first a natural depression of the rock.
pothook noun An S-shaped hook on which pots and kettles are hung over an open fire., A written character curved like a pothook; (pl.) a scrawled writing.
potluck noun Whatever may chance to be in the pot, or may be provided for a meal.
potoroo noun Any small kangaroo belonging to Hypsiprymnus, Bettongia, and allied genera, native of Australia and Tasmania. Called also kangaroo rat.
pottage noun A kind of food made by boiling vegetables or meat, or both together, in water, until soft; a thick soup or porridge.
pottain noun Old pot metal.
potteen noun See Poteen.
pottern adjective Of or pertaining to potters.
pottery noun The vessels or ware made by potters; earthenware, glazed and baked., The place where earthen vessels are made.