7 letter word starting with sce

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
scenary noun Scenery.
scenery noun Assemblage of scenes; the paintings and hangings representing the scenes of a play; the disposition and arrangement of the scenes in which the action of a play, poem, etc., is laid; representation of place of action or occurence., Sum of scenes or views; general aspect, as regards variety and beauty or the reverse, in a landscape; combination of natural views, as woods, hills, etc.
scented imp. & past participle of Scent
scepsis noun Skepticism; skeptical philosophy.
scepter noun Alt. of Sceptre, Alt. of Sceptre
sceptre noun A staff or baton borne by a sovereign, as a ceremonial badge or emblem of authority; a royal mace., Hence, royal or imperial power or authority; sovereignty; as, to assume the scepter., To endow with the scepter, or emblem of authority; to invest with royal authority.
sceptic Alt. of Scepticism