7 letter word starting with sn

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
snacket noun See Snecket.
snaffle noun A kind of bridle bit, having a joint in the part to be placed in the mouth, and rings and cheek pieces at the ends, but having no curb; — called also snaffle bit., To put a snaffle in the mouth of; to subject to the snaffle; to bridle.
snagged imp. & past participle of Snag, Full of snags; snaggy.
snaking present participle & vb. noun of Snake
snakish adjective Having the qualities or characteristics of a snake; snaky.
snapped imp. & past participle of Snap
snapper noun One who, or that which, snaps; as, a snapper up of trifles; the snapper of a whip., Any one of several species of large sparoid food fishes of the genus Lutjanus, abundant on the southern coasts of the United States and on both coasts of tropical America., A snapping turtle; as, the alligator snapper., The green woodpecker, or yaffle., A snap beetle.
snaring present participle & vb. noun of Snare
snarled imp. & past participle of Snarl
snarler noun One who snarls; a surly, growling animal; a grumbling, quarrelsome fellow., One who makes use of a snarling iron.
sneaked imp. & past participle of Sneak
sneaker noun One who sneaks., A vessel of drink.
sneathe noun See Snath.
snecket noun A door latch, or sneck.
sneered imp. & past participle of Sneer
sneerer noun One who sneers.
sneezed imp. & past participle of Sneeze
snicked imp. & past participle of Snick
snicker verb i. To laugh slyly; to laugh in one’s sleeve., To laugh with audible catches of voice, as when persons attempt to suppress loud laughter., A half suppressed, broken laugh.
sniffed imp. & past participle of Sniff
sniffle verb i. To snuffle, as one does with a catarrh.
snifted imp. & past participle of Snift
snigger noun See Snicker.
sniggle verb i. To fish for eels by thrusting the baited hook into their holes or hiding places., To catch, as an eel, by sniggling; hence, to hook; to insnare.
snipped imp. & past participle of Snip
snipper noun One who snips.
snippet noun A small part or piece.
snively adjective Running at the nose; sniveling pitiful; whining.
snooded adjective Wearing or having a snood.
snoozed imp. & past participle of Snooze
snoring present participle & vb. noun of Snore, The act of respiring through the open mouth so that the currents of inspired and expired air cause a vibration of the uvula and soft palate, thus giving rise to a sound more or less harsh. It is usually unvoluntary, but may be produced voluntarily.
snorted imp. & past participle of Snort
snorter noun One who snorts., The wheather; — so called from its cry.
snotter verb i. To snivel; to cry or whine., A rope going over a yardarm, used to bend a tripping line to, in sending down topgallant and royal yards in vessels of war; also, the short line supporting the heel of the sprit in a small boat.
snowing present participle & vb. noun of Snow
snowcap noun A very small humming bird (Microchaera albocoronata) native of New Grenada.
snubbed imp. & past participle of Snub
snuffed imp. & past participle of Snuff
snuffer noun One who snuffs., The common porpoise.
snuffle verb i. To speak through the nose; to breathe through the nose when it is obstructed, so as to make a broken sound., The act of snuffing; a sound made by the air passing through the nose when obstructed., An affected nasal twang; hence, cant; hypocrisy., Obstruction of the nose by mucus; nasal catarrh of infants or children.
snugged imp. & past participle of Snug
snuggle verb t. To move one way and the other so as to get a close place; to lie close for comfort; to cuddle; to nestle.