7 letter word starting with sti

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
stibial adjective Like, or having the qualities of, antimony; antimonial.
stibine noun Antimony hydride, or hydrogen antimonide, a colorless gas produced by the action of nascent hydrogen on antimony. It has a characteristic odor and burns with a characteristic greenish flame. Formerly called also antimoniureted hydrogen.
stibium noun The technical name of antimony., Stibnite.
stichic adjective Of or pertaining to stichs, or lines; consisting of stichs, or lines.
sticked of Stick, Stuck.
sticker noun One who, or that which, sticks; as, a bill sticker., That which causes one to stick; that which puzzles or poses., In the organ, a small wooden rod which connects (in part) a key and a pallet, so as to communicate motion by pushing., Same as Paster, 2.
stickit adjective Stuck; spoiled in making.
stickle verb i. To separate combatants by intervening., To contend, contest, or altercate, esp. in a pertinacious manner on insufficient grounds., To play fast and loose; to pass from one side to the other; to trim., To separate, as combatants; hence, to quiet, to appease, as disputants., To intervene in; to stop, or put an end to, by intervening; hence, to arbitrate., A shallow rapid in a river; also, the current below a waterfall.
stiffen verb t. To make stiff; to make less pliant or flexible; as, to stiffen cloth with starch., To inspissate; to make more thick or viscous; as, to stiffen paste., To make torpid; to benumb., To become stiff or stiffer, in any sense of the adjective.
stiffly adverb In a stiff manner.
stifled imp. & past participle of Stifle, Stifling.
stifler noun One who, or that which, stifles., See Camouflet.
stigmas plural of Stigma
stilled imp. & past participle of Still
stiller noun One who stills, or quiets.
stilted imp. & past participle of Stilt, Elevated as if on stilts; hence, pompous; bombastic; as, a stilted style; stilted declamation.
stimuli plural of Stimulus
stinger noun One who, or that which, stings.
stinker noun One who, or that which, stinks., Any one of the several species of large antarctic petrels which feed on blubber and carrion and have an offensive odor, as the giant fulmar.
stinted imp. & past participle of Stint
stinter noun One who, or that which, stints.
stipend noun Settled pay or compensation for services, whether paid daily, monthly, or annually., To pay by settled wages.
stipple verb t. To engrave by means of dots, in distinction from engraving in lines., To paint, as in water colors, by small, short touches which together produce an even or softly graded surface., Alt. of Stippling
stiptic adjective & noun See Styptic.
stipula noun A stipule., A newly sprouted feather.
stipule noun An appendage at the base of petioles or leaves, usually somewhat resembling a small leaf in texture and appearance.
stirred imp. & past participle of Stir
stirpes plural of Stirps
stirrer noun One who, or that which, stirs something; also, one who moves about, especially after sleep; as, an early stirrer.
stirrup verb i. A kind of ring, or bent piece of metal, wood, leather, or the like, horizontal in one part for receiving the foot of a rider, and attached by a strap to the saddle, — used to assist a person in mounting a horse, and to enable him to sit steadily in riding, as well as to relieve him by supporting a part of the weight of the body., Any piece resembling in shape the stirrup of a saddle, and used as a support, clamp, etc. See Bridle iron., A rope secured to a yard, with a thimble in its lower end for supporting a footrope.
stiving present participle & vb. noun of Stive