8 letter word starting with ar

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
arabical adjective Relating to Arabia; Arabic.
araceous adjective Of or pertaining to an order of plants, of which the genus Arum is the type.
arachnid noun An arachnidan.
araguato noun A South American monkey, the ursine howler (Mycetes ursinus). See Howler, n., 2.
aramaean adjective Alt. of Aramean
aramaism noun An idiom of the Aramaic.
araneida noun pl. Alt. of Araneoidea
araneina noun pl. The order of Arachnida that includes the spiders.
araneose adjective Of the aspect of a spider’s web; arachnoid.
araneous adjective Cobweblike; extremely thin and delicate, like a cobweb; as, the araneous membrane of the eye. See Arachnoid.
arangoes plural of Arango
arapaima noun A large fresh-water food fish of South America.
arbalest noun Alt. of Arbalist
arbalist noun A crossbow, consisting of a steel bow set in a shaft of wood, furnished with a string and a trigger, and a mechanical device for bending the bow. It served to throw arrows, darts, bullets, etc.
arbitral adjective Of or relating to an arbiter or an arbitration.
arborary adjective Of or pertaining to trees; arboreal.
arboreal adjective Of or pertaining to a tree, or to trees; of nature of trees., Attached to, found in or upon, or frequenting, woods or trees; as, arboreal animals.
arboreta plural of Arboretum
arborist noun One who makes trees his study, or who is versed in the knowledge of trees.
arborous adjective Formed by trees.
arbuscle noun A dwarf tree, one in size between a shrub and a tree; a treelike shrub.
arcadian adjective Alt. of Arcadic
archaean adjective Ancient; pertaining to the earliest period in geological history., The earliest period in geological period, extending up to the Lower Silurian. It includes an Azoic age, previous to the appearance of life, and an Eozoic age, including the earliest forms of life.
archaism adjective An ancient, antiquated, or old-fashioned, word, expression, or idiom; a word or form of speech no longer in common use., Antiquity of style or use; obsoleteness.
archaist noun Am antiquary., One who uses archaisms.
archaize verb t. To make appear archaic or antique.
archduke noun A prince of the imperial family of Austria.
archical pref. Chief; primary; primordial.
archival adjective Pertaining to, or contained in, archives or records.
archives plural of Archive
archlute noun Alt. of Archilute
archness noun The quality of being arch; cleverness; sly humor free from malice; waggishness.
archonts present participle The group including man alone.
archwife noun A big, masculine wife.
archwise adverb Arch-shaped.
arciform adjective Having the form of an arch; curved.
arctisca noun pl. A group of Arachnida. See Illust. in Appendix.
arcturus noun A fixed star of the first magnitude in the constellation Bootes.
arcuated adjective Bent or curved in the form of a bow.
ardently adverb In an ardent manner; eagerly; with warmth; affectionately; passionately.
ardurous adjective Burning; ardent.
areolate adjective Alt. of Areolated
aretaics noun The ethical theory which excludes all relations between virtue and happiness; the science of virtue; — contrasted with eudemonics.
argental adjective Of or pertaining to silver; resembling, containing, or combined with, silver.
argentan noun An alloy of nickel with copper and zinc; German silver.
argentic adjective Pertaining to, derived from, or containing, silver; — said of certain compounds of silver in which this metal has its lowest proportion; as, argentic chloride.
argentry noun Silver plate or vessels.
argonaut noun Any one of the legendary Greek heroes who sailed with Jason, in the Argo, in quest of the Golden Fleece., A cephalopod of the genus Argonauta.
argosies plural of Argosy
arguable adjective Capable of being argued; admitting of debate.
argument noun Proof; evidence., A reason or reasons offered in proof, to induce belief, or convince the mind; reasoning expressed in words; as, an argument about, concerning, or regarding a proposition, for or in favor of it, or against it., A process of reasoning, or a controversy made up of rational proofs; argumentation; discussion; disputation., The subject matter of a discourse, writing, or artistic representation; theme or topic; also, an abstract or summary, as of the contents of a book, chapter, poem., Matter for question; business in hand., The quantity on which another quantity in a table depends; as, the altitude is the argument of the refraction., The independent variable upon whose value that of a function depends., To make an argument; to argue.
argutely adverb In a subtle; shrewdly.
arhizous adjective Alt. of Arhythmous
arianism noun The doctrines of the Arians.
arianize verb i. To admit or accept the tenets of the Arians; to become an Arian., To convert to Arianism.
aridness noun Aridity; dryness.
arietate verb i. To butt, as a ram.
arillate adjective Alt. of Ariled
arllated adjective Alt. of Ariled
aristate adjective Having a pointed, beardlike process, as the glumes of wheat; awned., Having a slender, sharp, or spinelike tip.
armament noun A body of forces equipped for war; — used of a land or naval force., All the cannon and small arms collectively, with their equipments, belonging to a ship or a fortification., Any equipment for resistance.
armature noun Armor; whatever is worn or used for the protection and defense of the body, esp. the protective outfit of some animals and plants., A piece of soft iron used to connect the two poles of a magnet, or electro-magnet, in order to complete the circuit, or to receive and apply the magnetic force. In the ordinary horseshoe magnet, it serves to prevent the dissipation of the magnetic force., Iron bars or framing employed for the consolidation of a building, as in sustaining slender columns, holding up canopies, etc.
armchair noun A chair with arms to support the elbows or forearms.
armenian adjective Of or pertaining to Armenia., A native or one of the people of Armenia; also, the language of the Armenians., An adherent of the Armenian Church, an organization similar in some doctrines and practices to the Greek Church, in others to the Roman Catholic.
armfulus plural of Armful
armgaunt adjective With gaunt or slender legs. (?)
arm-gret adjective Great as a man’s arm.
armillas plural of Armilla
armillae plural of Armilla
arminian adjective Of or pertaining to Arminius of his followers, or to their doctrines. See note under Arminian, n., One who holds the tenets of Arminius, a Dutch divine (b. 1560, d. 1609).
armoniac adjective Ammoniac.
armorial adjective Belonging to armor, or to the heraldic arms or escutcheon of a family.
armorist noun One skilled in coat armor or heraldry.
armories plural of Armory
armozeen noun Alt. of Armozine
armozine noun A thick plain silk, generally black, and used for clerical.
arnicine noun An alkaloid obtained from the arnica plant.
aromatic adjective Alt. of Aromatical, A plant, drug, or medicine, characterized by a fragrant smell, and usually by a warm, pungent taste, as ginger, cinnamon, spices.
arousing present participle & vb. noun of Arouse
arpeggio noun The production of the tones of a chord in rapid succession, as in playing the harp, and not simultaneously; a strain thus played.
arquated adjective Shaped like a bow; arcuate; curved.
arquebus noun Alt. of Arquebuse
arranged imp. & past participle of Arrange
arranger noun One who arranges.
arrantly adverb Notoriously, in an ill sense; infamously; impudently; shamefully.
arrasene noun A material of wool or silk used for working the figures in embroidery.
arrastre noun A rude apparatus for pulverizing ores, esp. those containing free gold.
arraught Obtained; seized.
arraying present participle & vb. noun of Array
arrected adjective Lifted up; raised; erect., Attentive, as a person listening.
arrested imp. & past participle of Arrest
arrestee verb The person in whose hands is the property attached by arrestment.
arrester noun One who arrests., The person at whose suit an arrestment is made.
arrhizal adjective Alt. of Arrhizous
arrhytmy noun Want of rhythm.
arriving present participle & vb. noun of Arrive
arrogant adjective Making, or having the disposition to make, exorbitant claims of rank or estimation; giving one’s self an undue degree of importance; assuming; haughty; — applied to persons., Containing arrogance; marked with arrogance; proceeding from undue claims or self-importance; — applied to things; as, arrogant pretensions or behavior.
arrogate verb t. To assume, or claim as one’s own, unduly, proudly, or presumptuously; to make undue claims to, from vanity or baseless pretensions to right or merit; as, the pope arrogated dominion over kings.
arrosion noun A gnawing.
arsenate noun A salt of arsenic acid.
arsenide noun A compound of arsenic with a metal, or positive element or radical; — formerly called arseniuret.
arsenite noun A salt formed by the union of arsenious acid with a base.
arteriac adjective Of or pertaining to the windpipe.
arterial adjective Of or pertaining to an artery, or the arteries; as, arterial action; the arterial system., Of or pertaining to a main channel (resembling an artery), as a river, canal, or railroad.
arteries plural of Artery
artesian adjective Of or pertaining to Artois (anciently called Artesium), in France.
artfully adverb In an artful manner; with art or cunning; skillfully; dexterously; craftily.
articled imp. & past participle of Article, Bound by articles; apprenticed; as, an articled clerk.
articuli plural of Articulus
artifice noun A handicraft; a trade; art of making., Workmanship; a skillfully contrived work., Artful or skillful contrivance., Crafty device; an artful, ingenious, or elaborate trick. [Now the usual meaning.]
artilize verb t. To make resemble.
artistic adjective Alt. of Artistical
artistry noun Works of art collectively., Artistic effect or quality., Artistic pursuits; artistic ability.
artotype noun A kind of autotype.
aruspice noun A soothsayer of ancient Rome. Same as Aruspex.
aruspicy noun Prognostication by inspection of the entrails of victims slain sacrifice.
arvicole noun A mouse of the genus Arvicola; the meadow mouse. There are many species.
aryanize verb t. To make Aryan (a language, or in language).