8 letter word starting with cho

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
choanoid adjective Funnel-shaped; — applied particularly to a hollow muscle attached to the ball of the eye in many reptiles and mammals.
chocking present participle & vb. noun of Chock
choctaws noun pl. A tribe of North American Indians (Southern Appalachian), in early times noted for their pursuit of agriculture, and for living at peace with the white settlers. They are now one of the civilized tribes of the Indian Territory.
choicely adverb With care in choosing; with nice regard to preference., In a preferable or excellent manner; excellently; eminently.
chokedar noun A watchman; an officer of customs or police.
choleric adjective Abounding with, or producing choler, or bile., Easily irritated; irascible; inclined to anger., Angry; indicating anger; excited by anger.
choliamb noun Alt. of Choliambic
cholinic adjective Pertaining to, or obtained from, the bile.
chondrin noun A colorless, amorphous, nitrogenous substance, tasteless and odorless, formed from cartilaginous tissue by long-continued action of boiling water. It is similar to gelatin, and is a large ingredient of commercial gelatin.
chondro- A combining form meaning a grain, granular, granular cartilage, cartilaginous; as, the chondrocranium, the cartilaginous skull of the lower vertebrates and of embryos.
choosing present participle & vb. noun of Choose
chopping present participle & vb. noun of Chop, Stout or plump; large., Shifting or changing suddenly, as the wind; also, having tumbling waves dashing against each other; as, a chopping sea., Act of cutting by strokes.
chopboat noun A licensed lighter employed in the transportation of goods to and from vessels.
chopness noun A kind of spade.
choragic adjective Of or pertaining to a choragus.
choragus noun A chorus leader; esp. one who provided at his own expense and under his own supervision one of the choruses for the musical contents at Athens.
chorally adverb In the manner of a chorus; adapted to be sung by a choir; in harmony.
chording present participle & vb. noun of Chord
chordata noun pl. A comprehensive division of animals including all Vertebrata together with the Tunicata, or all those having a dorsal nervous cord.
choriamb noun Same as Choriambus.
chorisis noun The separation of a leaf or floral organ into two more parts.
choruses plural of Chorus
chorused imp. & past participle of Chorus
chouicha noun The salmon of the Columbia River or California. See Quinnat.
choultry noun See Choltry.
chousing present participle & vb. noun of Chouse
chowchow adjective Consisting of several kinds mingled together; mixed; as, chowchow sweetmeats (preserved fruits put together)., A kind of mixed pickles.