8 letter word starting with cross

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
crossing present participle & vb. noun of Cross, The act by which anything is crossed; as, the crossing of the ocean., The act of making the sign of the cross., The act of interbreeding; a mixing of breeds., Intersection, as of two paths or roads., A place where anything (as a stream) is crossed; a paved walk across a street., Contradiction; thwarting; obstruction.
crossbar noun A transverse bar or piece, as a bar across a door, or as the iron bar or stock which passes through the shank of an anchor to insure its turning fluke down.
crossbow noun A weapon, used in discharging arrows, formed by placing a bow crosswise on a stock.
crosscut verb t. To cut across or through; to intersect., A short cut across; a path shorter than by the high road., A level driven across the course of a vein, or across the main workings, as from one gangway to another.
crosslet noun A small cross., A crucible., Crossed again; — said of a cross the arms of which are crossed. SeeCross-crosslet.
crossrow noun The alphabet; — called also Christcross-row., A row that crosses others.
crossway noun See Crossroad.