8 letter word starting with enc

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
encamped imp. & past participle of Encamp
encanker verb t. To canker.
encarpus noun An ornament on a frieze or capital, consisting of festoons of fruit, flowers, leaves, etc.
enceinte noun The line of works which forms the main inclosure of a fortress or place; — called also body of the place., The area or town inclosed by a line of fortification., Pregnant; with child.
encharge verb t. To charge (with); to impose (a charge) upon., A charge.
enchased imp. & past participle of Enchase
enchaser noun One who enchases.
encheson noun Alt. of Encheason
enchisel verb t. To cut with a chisel.
enchodus noun A genus of extinct Cretaceous fishes; — so named from their spear-shaped teeth. They were allied to the pike (Esox).
enchoric adjective Belonging to, or used in, a country; native; domestic; popular; common; — said especially of the written characters employed by the common people of ancient Egypt, in distinction from the hieroglyphics. See Demotic.
encircle verb t. To form a circle about; to inclose within a circle or ring; to surround; as, to encircle one in the arms; the army encircled the city.
enclitic verb i. Alt. of Enclitical, A word which is joined to another so closely as to lose its proper accent, as the pronoun thee in prithee (pray thee).
enclothe verb t. To clothe.
encoffin verb t. To put in a coffin.
encolden verb t. To render cold.
encollar verb t. To furnish or surround with a collar.
encolure noun The neck of horse.
encomber verb t. See Encumber.
encomion noun Encomium; panegyric.
encomium noun Warm or high praise; panegyric; strong commendation.
encoring present participle & vb. noun of Encore
encradle verb t. To lay in a cradle.
encrease verb t. & i. [Obs.] See Increase.
encrinic adjective Alt. of Encrinital
encrinal adjective Alt. of Encrinital
encrinus noun A genus of fossil encrinoidea, from the Mesozoic rocks.
encroach verb i. To enter by gradual steps or by stealth into the possessions or rights of another; to trespass; to intrude; to trench; — commonly with on or upon; as, to encroach on a neighbor; to encroach on the highway., Encroachment.
encumber verb t. To impede the motion or action of, as with a burden; to retard with something superfluous; to weigh down; to obstruct or embarrass; as, his movements were encumbered by his mantle; his mind is encumbered with useless learning., To load with debts, or other legal claims; as, to encumber an estate with mortgages.
encyclic adjective Alt. of Encyclical, Alt. of Encyclical
encysted adjective Inclosed in a cyst, or a sac, bladder, or vesicle; as, an encysted tumor.