8 letter word starting with pi

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
piacular adjective Expiatory; atoning., Requiring expiation; criminal; atrociously bad.
pianette noun A small piano; a pianino.
piassava noun A fibrous product of two Brazilian palm trees (Attalea funifera and Leopoldinia Piassaba), — used in making brooms, and for other purposes. Called also piacaba and piasaba.
picapare noun The finfoot.
picariae noun pl. An extensive division of birds which includes the woodpeckers, toucans, trogons, hornbills, kingfishers, motmots, rollers, and goatsuckers. By some writers it is made to include also the cuckoos, swifts, and humming birds.
picarian adjective Of or pertaining to Picariae., One of the Picariae.
picaroon noun One who plunders; especially, a plunderer of wrecks; a pirate; a corsair; a marauder; a sharper.
picayune noun A small coin of the value of six and a quarter cents. See Fippenny bit.
piccadil noun Alt. of Piccadilly
piciform adjective Of or pertaining to Piciformes.
pickback adverb On the back.
pickerel noun A young or small pike., Any one of several species of freshwater fishes of the genus Esox, esp. the smaller species., The glasseye, or wall-eyed pike. See Wall-eye.
picketed imp. & past participle of Picket
picketee noun See Picotee.
pickling present participle & vb. noun of Pickle
picklock noun An instrument for picking locks., One who picks locks; a thief.
pickmire noun The pewit, or black-headed gull.
picknick noun See Picnic.
pickpack adverb Pickaback.
picoline noun Any one of three isometric bases (C6H7N) related to pyridine, and obtained from bone oil, acrolein ammonia, and coal-tar naphtha, as colorless mobile liquids of strong odor; — called also methyl pyridine.
picotine noun A variety of carnation having petals of a light color variously dotted and spotted at the edges.
picromel noun A colorless viscous substance having a bitter-sweet taste.
pictoric adjective Alt. of Pictorical
pictural adjective Pictorial., A picture.
pictured imp. & past participle of Picture, Furnished with pictures; represented by a picture or pictures; as, a pictured scene.
picturer noun One who makes pictures; a painter.
piddling present participle & vb. noun of Piddle, Trifling; trivial; frivolous; paltry; — applied to persons and things.
piecener noun One who supplies rolls of wool to the slubbing machine in woolen mills., Same as Piecer, 2.
piedmont adjective Noting the region of foothills near the base of a mountain chain.
piedness noun The state of being pied.
pieplant noun A plant (Rheum Rhaponticum) the leafstalks of which are acid, and are used in making pies; the garden rhubarb.
piercing present participle & vb. noun of Pierce, Forcibly entering, or adapted to enter, at or by a point; perforating; penetrating; keen; — used also figuratively; as, a piercing instrument, or thrust.
pierides noun pl. The Muses.
pigeonry noun A place for pigeons; a dovecote.
pig-eyed adjective Having small, deep-set eyes.
pigsties plural of Pigsty
piketail noun See Pintail, 1.
pilaster noun An upright architectural member right-angled in plan, constructionally a pier (See Pier, 1 (b)), but architecturally corresponding to a column, having capital, shaft, and base to agree with those of the columns of the same order. In most cases the projection from the wall is one third of its width, or less.
pilchard noun A small European food fish (Clupea pilchardus) resembling the herring, but thicker and rounder. It is sometimes taken in great numbers on the coast of England.
pileated adjective Having the form of a cap for the head., Having a crest covering the pileus, or whole top of the head.
pilement noun An accumulation; a heap.
pilentum noun An easy chariot or carriage, used by Roman ladies, and in which the vessels, etc., for sacred rites were carried.
pileworm noun The teredo.
pilewort noun A plant (Ranunculus Ficaria of Linnaeus) whose tuberous roots have been used in poultices as a specific for the piles.
pilfered imp. & past participle of Pilfer
pilferer noun One who pilfers; a petty thief.
pilidium noun The free-swimming, hat-shaped larva of certain nemertean worms. It has no resemblance to its parent, and the young worm develops in its interior.
pilifera noun pl. Same as Mammalia.
piliform adjective Resembling hairs or down.
pillaged imp. & past participle of Pillage
pillager noun One who pillages.
pillared adjective Supported or ornamented by pillars; resembling a pillar, or pillars.
pillaret noun A little pillar.
pillowed imp. & past participle of Pillow, Provided with a pillow or pillows; having the head resting on, or as on, a pillow.
pillworm noun Any myriapod of the genus Iulus and allied genera which rolls up spirally; a galleyworm. See Illust. under Myriapod.
pillwort noun Any plant of the genus Pilularia; minute aquatic cryptograms, with small pill-shaped fruit; — sometimes called peppergrass.
pilosity noun The quality or state of being pilose; hairiness.
piloting present participle & vb. noun of Pilot
pilotage noun The pilot’s skill or knowledge, as of coasts, rocks, bars, and channels., The compensation made or allowed to a pilot., Guidance, as by a pilot.
pilotism noun Alt. of Pilotry
pilulous adjective Like a pill; small; insignificant.
pimelite noun An apple-green mineral having a greasy feel. It is a hydrous silicate of nickel, magnesia, aluminia, and iron.
pimpillo noun A West Indian name for the prickly pear (Opuntia); — called also pimploes.
pimpinel noun The burnet saxifrage. See under Saxifrage.
pimpship noun The office, occupation, or persom of a pimp.
pinacoid noun A plane parallel to two of the crystalline axes.
pinacone noun A white crystalline substance related to the glycols, and made from acetone; hence, by extension, any one of a series of substances of which pinacone proper is the type.
pinafore noun An apron for a child to protect the front part of dress; a tier.
pinaster noun A species of pine (Pinus Pinaster) growing in Southern Europe.
pinching present participle & vb. noun of Pinch, Compressing; nipping; griping; niggardly; as, pinching cold; a pinching parsimony.
pinchers noun pl. An instrument having two handles and two grasping jaws working on a pivot; — used for griping things to be held fast, drawing nails, etc.
pincpinc noun An African wren warbler. (Drymoica textrix).
pindaric adjective Of or pertaining to Pindar, the Greek lyric poet; after the style and manner of Pindar; as, Pindaric odes., A Pindaric ode.
pineries plural of Pinery
pineweed noun A low, bushy, nearly leafless herb (Hypericum Sarothra), common in sandy soil in the Eastern United States.
pin-eyed adjective Having the stigma visible at the throad of a gamopetalous corolla, while the stamens are concealed in the tube; — said of dimorphous flowers. The opposite of thrum-eyed.
pingster noun See Pinkster.
piningly adverb In a pining manner; droopingly.
pinioned imp. & past participle of Pinion, Having wings or pinions.
pinkness noun Quality or state of being pink.
pinkroot noun The root of Spigelia Marilandica, used as a powerful vermifuge; also, that of S. Anthelmia. See definition 2 (below)., A perennial North American herb (Spigelia Marilandica), sometimes cultivated for its showy red blossoms. Called also Carolina pink, Maryland pinkroot, and worm grass., An annual South American and West Indian plant (Spigelia Anthelmia).
pinkster noun Whitsuntide.
pinnacle noun An architectural member, upright, and generally ending in a small spire, — used to finish a buttress, to constitute a part in a proportion, as where pinnacles flank a gable or spire, and the like. Pinnacles may be considered primarily as added weight, where it is necessary to resist the thrust of an arch, etc., Anything resembling a pinnacle; a lofty peak; a pointed summit., To build or furnish with a pinnacle or pinnacles.
pinnated adjective Consisting of several leaflets, or separate portions, arranged on each side of a common petiole, as the leaves of a rosebush, a hickory, or an ash. See Abruptly pinnate, and Illust., under Abruptly., Having a winglike tuft of long feathers on each side of the neck.
pinniped noun One of the Pinnipedia; a seal., One of the Pinnipedes.
pinnulae plural of Pinnula
pinpatch noun The common English periwinkle.
pintados plural of Pintado
pipeclay verb t. To whiten or clean with pipe clay, as a soldier’s accouterments., To clear off; as, to pipeclay accounts.
pipefish noun Any lophobranch fish of the genus Siphostoma, or Syngnathus, and allied genera, having a long and very slender angular body, covered with bony plates. The mouth is small, at the end of a long, tubular snout. The male has a pouch on his belly, in which the incubation of the eggs takes place.
piperine noun A white crystalline compound of piperidine and piperic acid. It is obtained from the black pepper (Piper nigrum) and other species.
pipestem noun The hollow stem or tube of a pipe used for smoking tobacco, etc.
pipevine noun The Dutchman’s pipe. See under Dutchman.
pipewort noun Any plant of a genus (Eriocaulon) of aquatic or marsh herbs with soft grass-like leaves.
piquancy noun The quality or state of being piquant.
piracies plural of Piracy
pirarucu noun Same as Arapaima.
pirating present participle & vb. noun of Pirate
piscator noun A fisherman; an angler.
piscinal adjective Belonging to a fishpond or a piscina.
pisiform adjective Resembling a pea or peas in size and shape; as, a pisiform iron ore., A small bone on the ulnar side of the carpus in man and many mammals. See Illust. of Artiodactyla.
pisolite noun A variety of calcite, or calcium carbonate, consisting of aggregated globular concretions about the size of a pea; — called also peastone, peagrit.
pissabed noun A name locally applied to various wild plants, as dandelion, bluet, oxeye daisy, etc.
pistacia noun The name of a genus of trees, including the tree which bears the pistachio, the Mediterranean mastic tree (Pistacia Lentiscus), and the species (P. Terebinthus) which yields Chian or Cyprus turpentine.
pistoled imp. & past participle of Pistol
pistolet noun A small pistol.
pitahaya noun A cactaceous shrub (Cereus Pitajaya) of tropical America, which yields a delicious fruit.
pitching present participle & vb. noun of Pitch, The act of throwing or casting; a cast; a pitch; as, wild pitching in baseball., The rough paving of a street to a grade with blocks of stone., A facing of stone laid upon a bank to prevent wear by tides or currents.
pithless adjective Destitute of pith, or of strength; feeble.
pit-hole noun A pit; a pockmark.
pithsome adjective Pithy; robust.
pitiable adjective Deserving pity; wworthy of, or exciting, compassion; miserable; lamentable; piteous; as, pitiable persons; a pitiable condition; pitiable wretchedness.
pitiless adjective Destitute of pity; hard-hearted; merciless; as, a pitilessmaster; pitiless elements., Exciting no pity; as, a pitiless condition.
pittacal noun A dark blue substance obtained from wood tar. It consists of hydrocarbons which when oxidized form the orange-yellow eupittonic compounds, the salts of which are dark blue.
pittance noun An allowance of food bestowed in charity; a mess of victuals; hence, a small charity gift; a dole., A meager portion, quantity, or allowance; an inconsiderable salary or compensation.
pityroid adjective Having the form of, or resembling, bran.
pivoting present participle & vb. noun of Pivot
pixy-led adjective Led by pixies; bewildered.