8 letter word starting with sand

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
sandaled adjective Wearing sandals., Made like a sandal.
sandarac noun Realgar; red sulphide of arsenic., A white or yellow resin obtained from a Barbary tree (Callitris quadrivalvis or Thuya articulata), and pulverized for pounce; — probably so called from a resemblance to the mineral.
sandever noun See Sandiver.
sandfish noun A small marine fish of the Pacific coast of North America (Trichodon trichodon) which buries itself in the sand.
sandiver noun A whitish substance which is cast up, as a scum, from the materials of glass in fusion, and, floating on the top, is skimmed off; — called also glass gall.
sandwich noun Two pieces of bread and butter with a thin slice of meat, cheese, or the like, between them., To make into a sandwich; also, figuratively, to insert between portions of something dissimilar; to form of alternate parts or things, or alternating layers of a different nature; to interlard.
sandworm noun Any one of numerous species of annelids which burrow in the sand of the seashore., Any species of annelids of the genus Sabellaria. They construct firm tubes of agglutinated sand on rocks and shells, and are sometimes destructive to oysters., The chigoe, a species of flea.
sandwort noun Any plant of the genus Arenaria, low, tufted herbs (order Caryophyllaceae.)