8 letter word starting with shi

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
shielded imp. & past participle of Shield
shieling noun A hut or shelter for shepherds of fishers. See Sheeling.
shifting present participle & vb. noun of Shift, Changing in place, position, or direction; varying; variable; fickle; as, shifting winds; shifting opinions or principles., Adapted or used for shifting anything.
shikaree noun Alt. of Shikari
shilling noun A silver coin, and money of account, of Great Britain and its dependencies, equal to twelve pence, or the twentieth part of a pound, equivalent to about twenty-four cents of the United States currency., In the United States, a denomination of money, differing in value in different States. It is not now legally recognized., The Spanish real, of the value of one eight of a dollar, or 12/ cets; — formerly so called in New York and some other States. See Note under 2.
shinning present participle & vb. noun of Shin
shindies plural of Shindy
shingled imp. &. past participle of Shingle
shingler noun One who shingles., A machine for shingling puddled iron.
shingles noun A kind of herpes (Herpes zoster) which spreads half way around the body like a girdle, and is usually attended with violent neuralgic pain.
shipping present participle & vb. noun of Ship, Relating to ships, their ownership, transfer, or employment; as, shiping concerns., Relating to, or concerned in, the forwarding of goods; as, a shipping clerk., The act of one who, or of that which, ships; as, the shipping of flour to Liverpool., The collective body of ships in one place, or belonging to one port, country, etc.; vessels, generally; tonnage., Navigation.
shipfuls plural of Shipful
shipless adjective Destitute of ships.
shipload noun The load, or cargo, of a ship.
shipmate noun One who serves on board of the same ship with another; a fellow sailor.
shipment noun The act or process of shipping; as, he was engaged in the shipment of coal for London; an active shipment of wheat from the West., That which is shipped.
shipworm noun Any long, slender, worm-shaped bivalve mollusk of Teredo and allied genera. The shipworms burrow in wood, and are destructive to wooden ships, piles of wharves, etc. See Teredo.
shipyard noun A yard, place, or inclosure where ships are built or repaired.
shirking present participle & vb. noun of Shirk
shirting present participle & vb. noun of Shirt, Cloth, specifically cotton cloth, suitable for making shirts.
shistose See Shist, Schistose.
shivered imp. & past participle of Shiver