8 letter word starting with ve

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
vedantic adjective Of or pertaining to the Vedas.
vegetate verb i. To grow, as plants, by nutriment imbibed by means of roots and leaves; to start into growth; to sprout; to germinate., Fig.: To lead a live too low for an animate creature; to do nothing but eat and grow., To grow exuberantly; to produce fleshy or warty outgrowths; as, a vegetating papule.
vegetive adjective Having the nature of a plant; vegetable; as, vegetive life., A vegetable.
vegetous adjective Vigorous; lively; active; vegete.
vehement adjective Acting with great force; furious; violent; impetuous; forcible; mighty; as, vehement wind; a vehement torrent; a vehement fire or heat., Very ardent; very eager or urgent; very fervent; passionate; as, a vehement affection or passion.
vehicled adjective Conveyed in a vehicle; furnished with a vehicle.
veilless adjective Having no veil.
veinless adjective Having no veins; as, a veinless leaf.
velarium noun The marginal membrane of certain medusae belonging to the Discophora.
velleity noun The lowest degree of desire; imperfect or incomplete volition.
velocity noun Quickness of motion; swiftness; speed; celerity; rapidity; as, the velocity of wind; the velocity of a planet or comet in its orbit or course; the velocity of a cannon ball; the velocity of light., Rate of motion; the relation of motion to time, measured by the number of units of space passed over by a moving body or point in a unit of time, usually the number of feet passed over in a second. See the Note under Speed.
veltfare noun The fieldfare.
velutina noun Any one of several species of marine gastropods belonging to Velutina and allied genera.
velveret noun A kind of velvet having cotton back.
venality noun The quality or state of being venal, or purchasable; mercenariness; prostitution of talents, offices, or services, for money or reward; as, the venality of a corrupt court; the venality of an official.
venantes noun pl. The hunting spiders, which run after, or leap upon, their prey.
venatica noun See Vinatico.
venation noun The arrangement or system of veins, as in the wing of an insect, or in the leaves of a plant. See Illust. in Appendix., The act or art of hunting, or the state of being hunted.
vendetta noun A blood feud; private revenge for the murder of a kinsman.
vendible adjective Capable of being vended, or sold; that may be sold; salable., Something to be sold, or offered for sale.
veneered imp. & past participle of Veneer
venefice noun The act or practice of poisoning.
venemous adjective Venomous.
venenate verb t. To poison; to infect with poison., Poisoned.
venenose adjective Poisonous.
venerate verb t. To regard with reverential respect; to honor with mingled respect and awe; to reverence; to revere; as, we venerate parents and elders.
venereal adjective Of or pertaining to venery, or sexual love; relating to sexual intercourse., Arising from sexual intercourse; as, a venereal disease; venereal virus or poison., Adapted to the cure of venereal diseases; as, venereal medicines., Adapted to excite venereal desire; aphrodisiac., Consisting of, or pertaining to, copper, formerly called by chemists Venus., The venereal disease; syphilis.
venerean adjective Devoted to the offices of Venus, or love; venereal.
venerous adjective Venereous.
venetian adjective Of or pertaining to Venice in Italy., A native or inhabitant of Venice.
vengeful adjective Vindictive; retributive; revengeful.
veniable adjective Venial; pardonable.
venomous adjective Full of venom; noxious to animal life; poisonous; as, the bite of a serpent may be venomous., Having a poison gland or glands for the secretion of venom, as certain serpents and insects., Noxious; mischievous; malignant; spiteful; as, a venomous progeny; a venomous writer.
venosity noun The quality or state of being venous., A condition in which the circulation is retarded, and the entire mass of blood is less oxygenated than it normally is.
venthole noun A touchhole; a vent.
ventouse noun A cupping glass., To cup; to use a cupping glass.
ventured imp. & past participle of Venture
venturer noun One who ventures, or puts to hazard; an adventurer., A strumpet; a prostitute.
venulose adjective Full of venules, or small veins.
veracity noun The quality or state of being veracious; habitual observance of truth; truthfulness; truth; as, a man of veracity.
veratria noun Veratrine.
veratric adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, plants of the genus Veratrum.
veratrol noun A liquid hydrocarbon obtained by the decomposition of veratric acid, and constituting the dimethyl ether of pyrocatechin.
veratrum noun A genus of coarse liliaceous herbs having very poisonous qualities.
verbally adverb In a verbal manner; orally., Word for word; verbatim.
verbatim adverb Word for word; in the same words; verbally; as, to tell a story verbatim as another has related it.
verbiage noun The use of many words without necessity, or with little sense; a superabundance of words; verbosity; wordiness.
verdancy noun The quality or state of being verdant.
verderer noun Alt. of Verderor
verderor noun An officer who has the charge of the king’s forest, to preserve the vert and venison, keep the assizes, view, receive, and enroll attachments and presentments of all manner of trespasses.
verditer noun Verdigris., Either one of two pigments (called blue verditer, and green verditer) which are made by treating copper nitrate with calcium carbonate (in the form of lime, whiting, chalk, etc.) They consist of hydrated copper carbonates analogous to the minerals azurite and malachite.
verdured adjective Covered with verdure.
verecund adjective Rashful; modest.
vergaloo noun See Virgalieu.
vergency noun The act of verging or approaching; tendency; approach., The reciprocal of the focal distance of a lens, used as measure of the divergence or convergence of a pencil of rays.
vergette adjective Divided by pallets, or pales; paly., A small pale.
verifier noun One who, or that which, verifies.
verified imp. & past participle of Verify
verities plural of Verity
verjuice noun The sour juice of crab apples, of green or unripe grapes, apples, etc.; also, an acid liquor made from such juice., Tartness; sourness, as of disposition.
vermetid noun Any species of vermetus.
vermetus noun Any one of many species of marine gastropods belonging to Vermetus and allied genera, of the family Vermetidae. Their shells are regularly spiral when young, but later in life the whorls become separate, and the shell is often irregularly bent and contorted like a worm tube.
verminly adjective & adverb Resembling vermin; in the manner of vermin.
vernacle noun See Veronica, 1.
vernicle noun A Veronica. See Veronica, 1.
vernonin noun A glucoside extracted from the root of a South African plant of the genus Vernonia, as a deliquescent powder, and used as a mild heart tonic.
veronese adjective Of or pertaining to Verona, in Italy., A native of Verona; collectively, the people of Verona.
veronica noun A portrait or representation of the face of our Savior on the alleged handkerchief of Saint Veronica, preserved at Rome; hence, a representation of this portrait, or any similar representation of the face of the Savior. Formerly called also Vernacle, and Vernicle., A genus scrophulariaceous plants; the speedwell. See Speedwell.
versable adjective Capable of being turned.
verseman noun Same as Versemonger.
versicle noun A little verse; especially, a short verse or text said or sung in public worship by the priest or minister, and followed by a response from the people.
verteber noun A vertebra.
vertebra noun One of the serial segments of the spinal column., One of the central ossicles in each joint of the arms of an ophiuran.
vertebre noun A vertebra.
vertexes plural of Vertex
vertices plural of Vertex
vertical adjective Of or pertaining to the vertex; situated at the vertex, or highest point; directly overhead, or in the zenith; perpendicularly above one., Perpendicular to the plane of the horizon; upright; plumb; as, a vertical line., Vertical position; zenith., A vertical line, plane, or circle.
verticil noun A circle either of leaves or flowers about a stem at the same node; a whorl.
verticle noun An axis; hinge; a turning point.
vertuous adjective Virtuous; powerful.
vesicant noun A vesicatory.
vesicate verb t. To raise little bladders or blisters upon; to inflame and separate the cuticle of; to blister.
vesicula noun A vesicle.
vesperal adjective Vesper; evening.
vespiary noun A nest, or habitation, of insects of the wasp kind.
vespillo noun One who carried out the dead bodies of the poor at night for burial.
vestales noun pl. A group of butterflies including those known as virgins, or gossamer-winged butterflies.
vestiary noun A wardrobe; a robing room; a vestry., Pertaining to clothes, or vestments.
vestment noun A covering or garment; some part of clothing or dress, any priestly garment.
vestries plural of Vestry
vestured adjective Covered with vesture or garments; clothed; enveloped.
vesuvian adjective Of or pertaining to Vesuvius, a volcano near Naples., Vesuvianite.
vesuvine noun A trade name for a brown dyestuff obtained from certain basic azo compounds of benzene; — called also Bismarck brown, Manchester brown, etc.
vexation noun The act of vexing, or the state of being vexed; agitation; disquiet; trouble; irritation., The cause of trouble or disquiet; affliction., A harassing by process of law; a vexing or troubling, as by a malicious suit.
vexillar Alt. of Vexillary
vexillum noun A flag or standard., A company of troops serving under one standard., A banner., The sign of the cross., The upper petal of a papilionaceous flower; the standard., The rhachis and web of a feather taken together; the vane.
vexingly adverb In a vexing manner; so as to vex, tease, or irritate.