8 letter word starting with x

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
xanthate noun A salt of xanthic; a xanthogenate.
xanthian adjective Of or pertaining to Xanthus, an ancient town on Asia Minor; — applied especially to certain marbles found near that place, and now in the British Museum.
xanthide noun A compound or derivative of xanthogen.
xanthium noun A genus of composite plants in which the scales of the involucre are united so as to form a kind of bur; cocklebur; clotbur.
xanthoma noun A skin disease marked by the development or irregular yellowish patches upon the skin, especially upon the eyelids; — called also xanthelasma.
xanthose noun An orange-yellow substance found in pigment spots of certain crabs.
xanthous adjective Yellow; specifically (Ethnol.), of or pertaining to those races of man which have yellowish, red, auburn, or brown hair.
xenogamy noun Cross fertilization.
xenotime noun A native phosphate of yttrium occurring in yellowish-brown tetragonal crystals.
xenurine noun A cabassou.
xeraphim noun An old money of account in Bombay, equal to three fifths of a rupee.
xeronate noun A salt of xeronic acid.
xiphioid adjective Of, pertaining to, or resembling, a cetacean of the genus Xiphius or family Xiphiidae.
xiphodon noun An extinct genus of artiodactylous mammals found in the European Tertiary formations. It had slender legs, didactylous feet, and small canine teeth.
xylamide noun An acid amide derivative of xylic acid, obtained as a white crystalline substance.
xylidine noun Any one of six metameric hydrocarbons, (CH3)2.C6H3.NH2, resembling aniline, and related to xylene. They are liquids, or easily fusible crystalline substances, of which three are derived from metaxylene, two from orthoxylene, and one from paraxylene. They are called the amido xylenes.
xylitone noun A yellow oil having a geraniumlike odor, produced as a side product in making phorone; — called also xylite oil.
xylocopa noun A genus of hymenopterous insects including the carpenter. See Carpenter bee, under Carpenter.
xyloidin noun A substance resembling pyroxylin, obtained by the action of nitric acid on starch; — called also nitramidin.
xylonite noun See Zylonite.
xylorcin noun A derivative of xylene obtained as a white crystalline substance which on exposure in the air becomes red; — called also betaorcin.
xylotile noun Same as Parkesine.
xylotrya noun A genus of marine bivalves closely allied to Teredo, and equally destructive to timber. One species (Xylotrya fimbriata) is very common on the Atlantic coast of the United States.
xylylene noun Any one of three metameric radicals, CH2.C6H4.CH2, derived respectively from the three xylenes. Often used adjectively; as, xylylene alcohol.
xystarch noun An office/ having the superintendence of the xyst.