9 letter word starting with bu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
buccaneer noun A robber upon the sea; a pirate; — a term applied especially to the piratical adventurers who made depredations on the Spaniards in America in the 17th and 18th centuries., To act the part of a buccaneer; to live as a piratical adventurer or sea robber.
buccinoid adjective Resembling the genus Buccinum, or pertaining to the Buccinidae, a family of marine univalve shells. See Whelk, and Prosobranchiata.
bucentaur noun A fabulous monster, half ox, half man., The state barge of Venice, used by the doge in the ceremony of espousing the Adriatic.
buck bean A plant (Menyanthes trifoliata) which grows in moist and boggy places, having racemes of white or reddish flowers and intensely bitter leaves, sometimes used in medicine; marsh trefoil; — called also bog bean.
buckboard noun A four-wheeled vehicle, having a long elastic board or frame resting on the bolsters or axletrees, and a seat or seats placed transversely upon it; — called also buck wagon.
buck-eyed adjective Having bad or speckled eyes.
buckhound noun A hound for hunting deer.
buckstall noun A toil or net to take deer.
buckthorn noun A genus (Rhamnus) of shrubs or trees. The shorter branches of some species terminate in long spines or thorns. See Rhamnus.
bucktooth noun Any tooth that juts out.
buckwheat noun A plant (Fagopyrum esculentum) of the Polygonum family, the seed of which is used for food., The triangular seed used, when ground, for griddle cakes, etc.
bucolical adjective Bucolic.
bucranium noun A sculptured ornament, representing an ox skull adorned with wreaths, etc.
budgeness noun Sternness; severity.
buffaloes plural of Buffalo
buffeting present participle & vb. noun of Buffet, A striking with the hand., A succession of blows; continued violence, as of winds or waves; afflictions; adversity.
buffoonly adjective Low; vulgar.
bugginess adjective The state of being infested with bugs.
bugleweed noun A plant of the Mint family and genus Lycopus; esp. L. Virginicus, which has mild narcotic and astringent properties, and is sometimes used as a remedy for hemorrhage.
buglosses plural of Bugloss
buhrstone noun A cellular, flinty rock, used for mill stones.
bulkiness noun Greatness in bulk; size.
bullantic adjective Pertaining to, or used in, papal bulls.
bullaries plural of Bullary
bulldozed imp. & past participle of Bulldoze
bulldozer noun One who bulldozes.
bullfaced adjective Having a large face.
bullfeast noun See Bullfight.
bullfight noun Alt. of Bullfighting
bullfinch noun A bird of the genus Pyrrhula and other related genera, especially the P. vulgaris / rubicilla, a bird of Europe allied to the grosbeak, having the breast, cheeks, and neck, red.
bullition verb i. The action of boiling; boiling. [Obs.] See Ebullition.
bullyrock noun A bully.
bulwarked imp. & past participle of Bulwark
bumbeloes plural of Bumbelo
bumblebee noun A large bee of the genus Bombus, sometimes called humblebee; — so named from its sound.
bumptious adjective Self-conceited; forward; pushing.
bunodonta noun pl. Alt. of Bunodonts
bunodonts noun pl. A division of the herbivorous mammals including the hogs and hippopotami; — so called because the teeth are tuberculated.
burdelais noun A sort of grape.
burdening present participle & vb. noun of Burden
burdenous adjective Burdensome.
burggrave noun Originally, one appointed to the command of a burg (fortress or castle); but the title afterward became hereditary, with a domain attached.
burghbote noun A contribution toward the building or repairing of castles or walls for the defense of a city or town.
burghmote noun A court or meeting of a burgh or borough; a borough court held three times yearly.
burglarer noun A burglar.
burlesque adjective Tending to excite laughter or contempt by extravagant images, or by a contrast between the subject and the manner of treating it, as when a trifling subject is treated with mock gravity; jocular; ironical., Ludicrous representation; exaggerated parody; grotesque satire., An ironical or satirical composition intended to excite laughter, or to ridicule anything., A ludicrous imitation; a caricature; a travesty; a gross perversion., To ridicule, or to make ludicrous by grotesque representation in action or in language., To employ burlesque.
burliness noun Quality of being burly.
burniebee noun The ladybird.
burnished imp. & past participle of Burnish
burnisher noun One who burnishes., A tool with a hard, smooth, rounded end or surface, as of steel, ivory, or agate, used in smoothing or polishing by rubbing. It has a variety of forms adapted to special uses.
burrowing present participle & vb. noun of Burrow
burrstone noun See Buhrstone.
bursiform adjective Shaped like a purse.
burstwort noun A plant (Herniaria glabra) supposed to be valuable for the cure of hernia or rupture.
bushelage noun A duty payable on commodities by the bushel.
bushelman noun A tailor’s assistant for repairing garments; — called also busheler.
bushiness noun The condition or quality of being bushy.
butchered imp. & past participle of Butcher
butcherly adjective Like a butcher; without compunction; savage; bloody; inhuman; fell.
butlerage noun A duty of two shillings on every tun of wine imported into England by merchant strangers; — so called because paid to the king’s butler for the king.
buttering present participle & vb. noun of Butter
butterbur noun A broad-leaved plant (Petasites vulgaris) of the Composite family, said to have been used in England for wrapping up pats of butter.
buttercup noun A plant of the genus Ranunculus, or crowfoot, particularly R. bulbosus, with bright yellow flowers; — called also butterflower, golden cup, and kingcup. It is the cuckoobud of Shakespeare.
butterfly noun A general name for the numerous species of diurnal Lepidoptera.
butterine noun A substance prepared from animal fat with some other ingredients intermixed, as an imitation of butter.
buttermen plural of Butterman
butterman noun A man who makes or sells butter.
butternut noun An American tree (Juglans cinerea) of the Walnut family, and its edible fruit; — so called from the oil contained in the latter. Sometimes called oil nut and white walnut., The nut of the Caryocar butyrosum and C. nuciferum, of S. America; — called also Souari nut.
butteries plural of Buttery
but-thorn noun The common European starfish (Asterias rubens).
buttoning present participle & vb. noun of Button
butt weld See Butt weld, under Butt.
buzzardet noun A hawk resembling the buzzard, but with legs relatively longer.
buzzingly adverb In a buzzing manner; with a buzzing sound.