9 letter word starting with eu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eucairite noun A metallic mineral, a selenide of copper and silver; — so called by Berzelius on account of its being found soon after the discovery of the metal selenium.
eucharist noun The act of giving thanks; thanksgiving., The sacrament of the Lord’s Supper; the solemn act of ceremony of commemorating the death of Christ, in the use of bread and wine, as the appointed emblems; the communion.
euchloric adjective Relating to, or consisting of, euchlorine; as, euchloric /.
euchology noun A formulary of prayers; the book of offices in the Greek Church, containing the liturgy, sacraments, and forms of prayers.
euchroite noun A mineral occurring in transparent emerald green crystals. It is hydrous arseniate of copper.
euclidian noun Related to Euclid, or to the geometry of Euclid.
eudialyte noun A mineral of a brownish red color and vitreous luster, consisting chiefly of the silicates of iron, zirconia, and lime.
eugetinic adjective Pertaining to, or derived from, eugenol; as, eugetic acid.
euisopoda A group which includes the typical Isopoda.
eulogical adjective Bestowing praise of eulogy; commendatory; eulogistic.
eulogiums plural of Eulogium
eulogized imp. & past participle of Eulogize
eumenides noun pl. A euphemistic name for the Furies of Erinyes.
eunuchate verb t. To make a eunuch of; to castrate. as a man.
eunuchism noun The state of being eunuch.
euosmitte noun A fossil resin, so called from its strong, peculiar, pleasant odor.
euphemism noun A figure in which a harts or indelicate word or expression is softened; a way of describing an offensive thing by an inoffensive expression; a mild name for something disagreeable.
euphemize verb t. & i. To express by a euphemism, or in delicate language; to make use of euphemistic expressions.
euphoniad noun An instrument in which are combined the characteristic tones of the organ and various other instruments.
euphonism noun An agreeable combination of sounds; euphony.
euphonium noun A bass instrument of the saxhorn family.
euphonize verb t. To make euphonic.
euphonous noun Euphonious.
euphonies plural of Euphony
euphorbia noun Spurge, or bastard spurge, a genus of plants of many species, mostly shrubby, herbaceous succulents, affording an acrid, milky juice. Some of them are armed with thorns. Most of them yield powerful emetic and cathartic products.
euphotide noun A rock occurring in the Alps, consisting of saussurite and smaragdite; — sometimes called gabbro.
eupittone noun A yellow, crystalline substance, resembling aurin, and obtained by the oxidation of pittacal; — called also eupittonic acid.
euplastic adjective Having the capacity of becoming organizable in a high degree, as the matter forming the false membranes which sometimes result from acute inflammation in a healthy person., Organizable substance by which the tissues of an animal body are renewed.
euryalida noun pl. A tribe of Ophiuroidea, including the genera Euryale, Astrophyton, etc. They generally have the arms branched. See Astrophyton.
euterpean adjective Of or pertaining to Euterpe or to music.
euthanasy noun Same as Euthanasia.
eutychian noun A follower of Eutyches [5th century], who held that the divine and the human in the person of Christ were blended together as to constitute but one nature; a monophysite; — opposed to Nestorian.
euxanthic adjective Having a yellow color; pertaining to, derived from, or resembling, euxanthin.
euxanthin noun A yellow pigment imported from India and China. It has a strong odor, and is said to be obtained from the urine of herbivorous animals when fed on the mango. It consists if a magnesium salt of euxanthic acid. Called also puri, purree, and Indian yellow.