9 letter word starting with eve

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
eventless adjective Without events; tame; monotomous; marked by nothing unusual; uneventful.
eventtual adjective Coming or happening as a consequence or result; consequential., Final; ultimate., Dependent on events; contingent.
eventuate verb i. To come out finally or in conclusion; to result; to come to pass.
everglade noun A swamp or low tract of land inundated with water and interspersed with hummocks, or small islands, and patches of high grass; as, the everglades of Florida.
evergreen adjective Remaining unwithered through the winter, or retaining unwithered leaves until the leaves of the next year are expanded, as pines cedars, hemlocks, and the like., An evergreen plant., Twigs and branches of evergreen plants used for decoration.
everichon pronoun Alt. of Everychon
everychon pronoun Every one.
everybody noun Every person.
everywhen adverb At any or all times; every instant.