9 letter word starting with fa

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fabaceous adjective Having the nature of a bean; like a bean.
fabricked imp. & past participle of Fabric
fabricant noun One who fabricates; a manufacturer.
fabricate verb t. To form into a whole by uniting its parts; to frame; to construct; to build; as, to fabricate a bridge or ship., To form by art and labor; to manufacture; to produce; as, to fabricate woolens., To invent and form; to forge; to devise falsely; as, to fabricate a lie or story.
fabulized imp. & past participle of Fabulize
facetious adjective Given to wit and good humor; merry; sportive; jocular; as, a facetious companion., Characterized by wit and pleasantry; exciting laughter; as, a facetious story or reply.
facsimile noun A copy of anything made, either so as to be deceptive or so as to give every part and detail of the original; an exact copy or likeness., To make a facsimile of.
factioner noun One of a faction.
factitive adjective Causing; causative., Pertaining to that relation which is proper when the act, as of a transitive verb, is not merely received by an object, but produces some change in the object, as when we say, He made the water wine.
factoring present participle & vb. noun of Factor, The act of resolving into factors.
factorage noun The allowance given to a factor, as a compensation for his services; — called also a commission.
factoress noun A factor who is a woman.
factorial adjective Of or pertaining to a factory., Related to factorials., A name given to the factors of a continued product when the former are derivable from one and the same function F(x) by successively imparting a constant increment or decrement h to the independent variable. Thus the product F(x).F(x + h).F(x + 2h) . . . F[x + (n-1)h] is called a factorial term, and its several factors take the name of factorials., The product of the consecutive numbers from unity up to any given number.
factorize verb t. To give warning to; — said of a person in whose hands the effects of another are attached, the warning being to the effect that he shall not pay the money or deliver the property of the defendant in his hands to him, but appear and answer the suit of the plaintiff., To attach (the effects of a debtor) in the hands of a third person ; to garnish. See Garnish.
factories plural of Factory
factotums plural of Factotum
faculties plural of Faculty
facundity noun Eloquence; readiness of speech.
fahlunite noun A hydration of iolite.
faintling adjective Timorous; feeble-minded.
faintness noun The state of being faint; loss of strength, or of consciousness, and self-control., Want of vigor or energy., Feebleness, as of color or light; lack of distinctness; as, faintness of description., Faint-heartedness; timorousness; dejection.
fairyland noun The imaginary land or abode of fairies.
fairylike adjective Resembling a fairy, or what is made or done be fairies; as, fairylike music.
faithless adjective Not believing; not giving credit., Not believing on God or religion; specifically, not believing in the Christian religion., Not observant of promises or covenants., Not true to allegiance, duty, or vows; perfidious; trecherous; disloyal; not of true fidelity; inconstant, as a husband or a wife., Serving to disappoint or deceive; delusive; unsatisfying.
falcation noun The state of being falcate; a bend in the form of a sickle.
falcidian adjective Of or pertaining to Publius Falcidius, a Roman tribune.
falciform adjective Having the shape of a scithe or sickle; resembling a reaping hook; as, the falciform ligatment of the liver.
falconine adjective Like a falcon or hawk; belonging to the Falconidae
falculate adjective Curved and sharppointed, like a falcula, or claw of a falcon.
faldstool noun A folding stool, or portable seat, made to fold up in the manner of a camo stool. It was formerly placed in the choir for a bishop, when he offciated in any but his own cathedral church.
falernian adjective Of or pertaining to Mount Falernus, in Italy; as, Falernianwine.
fallacies plural of Fallacy
fallopian adjective Pertaining to, or discovered by, Fallopius; as, the Fallopian tubes or oviducts, the ducts or canals which conduct the ova from the ovaries to the uterus.
fallowing present participle & vb. noun of Fallow
fallowist noun One who favors the practice of fallowing land.
falsehood noun Want of truth or accuracy; an untrue assertion or representation; error; misrepresentation; falsity., A deliberate intentional assertion of what is known to be untrue; a departure from moral integrity; a lie., Treachery; deceit; perfidy; unfaithfulness., A counterfeit; a false appearance; an imposture.
falseness noun The state of being false; contrariety to the fact; inaccuracy; want of integrity or uprightness; double dealing; unfaithfulness; treachery; perfidy; as, the falseness of a report, a drawing, or a singer’s notes; the falseness of a man, or of his word.
falsettos plural of Falsetto
falsifier noun One who falsifies, or gives to a thing a deceptive appearance; a liar.
falsified imp. & past participle of Falsify
falsities plural of Falsity
faltering present participle & vb. noun of Falter, Hesitating; trembling., Falter; halting; hesitation.
familiary adjective Of or pertaining to a family or household; domestic.
famishing present participle & vb. noun of Famish
fanatical adjective Characteristic of, or relating to, fanaticism; fanatic.
fanciless adjective Having no fancy; without ideas or imagination.
fancywork noun Ornamental work with a needle or hook, as embroidery, crocheting, netting, etc.
fantasied adjective Filled with fancies or imaginations.
fantastic adjective Existing only in imagination; fanciful; imaginary; not real; chimerical., Having the nature of a phantom; unreal., Indulging the vagaries of imagination; whimsical; full of absurd fancies; capricious; as, fantastic minds; a fantastic mistress., Resembling fantasies in irregularity, caprice, or eccentricity; irregular; oddly shaped; grotesque., A person given to fantastic dress, manners, etc.; an eccentric person; a fop.
fantasies plural of Fantasy
farandams noun A fabrik made of silk and wool or hair.
farcement noun Stuffing; forcemeat.
farcilite noun Pudding stone.
farmeress noun A woman who farms.
farmhouse noun A dwelling house on a farm; a farmer’s residence.
farmstead noun A farm with the building upon it; a homestead on a farm.
farrowing present participle & vb. noun of Farfow
farseeing adjective Able to see to a great distance; farsighted., Having foresight as regards the future.
fasciated adjective Bound with a fillet, sash, or bandage., Banded or compacted together., Flattened and laterally widened, as are often the stems of the garden cockscomb., Broadly banded with color.
fascicled adjective Growing in a bundle, tuft, or close cluster; as, the fascicled leaves of the pine or larch; the fascicled roots of the dahlia; fascicled muscle fibers; fascicled tufts of hair.
fasciculi plural of Fasciculus
fascinate verb t. To influence in an uncontrollable manner; to operate on by some powerful or irresistible charm; to bewitch; to enchant., To excite and allure irresistibly or powerfully; to charm; to captivate, as by physical or mental charms.
fascinous adjective Caused or acting by witchcraft.
fasciolae plural of Fasciola
fashioned imp. & past participle of Fashion, Having a certain style or fashion; as old-fashioned; new-fashioned.
fashioner noun One who fashions, forms, ar gives shape to anything.
fastening present participle & vb. noun of Fasten, Anything that binds and makes fast, as a lock, catch, bolt, bar, buckle, etc.
fatalness noun Quality of being fatal.
fathering present participle & vb. noun of Father
fathoming present participle & vb. noun of Fathom
fatidical adjective Having power to foretell future events; prophetic; fatiloquent; as, the fatidical oak.
fatigable adjective Easily tired.
fatiguing present participle & vb. noun of Fatigue
fattining present participle & vb. noun of Fatten
fattiness noun State or quality of being fatty.
fatuitous adjective Stupid; fatuous.
fat-wited adjective Dull; stupid.
faulchion noun See Falchion.
faultless adjective Without fault; not defective or imperfect; free from blemish; free from incorrectness, vice, or offense; perfect; as, a faultless poem.
faveolate adjective Honeycomb; having cavities or cells, somewhat resembling those of a honeycomb; alveolate; favose.
favillous adjective Of or pertaining to ashes.
favorable noun Full of favor; favoring; manifesting partiality; kind; propitious; friendly., Conducive; contributing; tending to promote or facilitate; advantageous; convenient., Beautiful; well-favored.
favoredly adverb In a favored or a favorable manner; favorably.
favorless adjective Unfavored; not regarded with favor; having no countenance or support., Unpropitious; unfavorable.
favosites noun A genus of fossil corals abundant in the Silurian and Devonian rocks, having polygonal cells with perforated walls.
fawningly adverb In a fawning manner.
fartherer noun One who furthers. or helps to advance; a promoter.