9 letter word starting with fi

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
fiberless adjective Alt. of Fibreless
fibreless adjective Having no fibers; destitute of fibers or fiber.
fibriform adjective Having the form of a fiber or fibers; resembling a fiber.
fibrillae plural of Fibrilla
fibrillar adjective Of or pertaining to fibrils or fibers; as, fibrillar twitchings.
fibrinous adjective Having, or partaking of the properties of, fibrin; as, fibrious exudation.
fibrolite noun A silicate of alumina, of fibrous or columnar structure. It is like andalusite in composition; — called also sillimanite, and bucholizite.
fibularia plural of Fibulare
fictional adjective Pertaining to, or characterized by, fiction; fictitious; romantic.
fidicinal adjective Of or pertaining to a stringed instrument.
fidiciary adjective Involving confidence or trust; confident; undoubting; faithful; firm; as, in a fiduciary capacity., Holding, held, or founded, in trust.
fiduciary noun One who holds a thing in trust for another; a trustee., One who depends for salvation on faith, without works; an Antinomian.
fieldfare noun a small thrush (Turdus pilaris) which breeds in northern Europe and winters in Great Britain. The head, nape, and lower part of the back are ash-colored; the upper part of the back and wing coverts, chestnut; — called also fellfare.
fieldwork noun Any temporary fortification thrown up by an army in the field; — commonly in the plural.
fiendlike adjective Fiendish; diabolical.
fierasfer noun A genus of small, slender fishes, remarkable for their habit of living as commensals in other animals. One species inhabits the gill cavity of the pearl oyster near Panama; another lives within an East Indian holothurian.
fieriness noun The quality of being fiery; heat; acrimony; irritability; as, a fieriness of temper.
fifteenth adjective Next in order after the fourteenth; — the ordinal of fifteen., Consisting of one of fifteen equal parts or divisions of a thing., One of fifteen equal parts or divisions; the quotient of a unit divided by fifteen., A species of tax upon personal property formerly laid on towns, boroughs, etc., in England, being one fifteenth part of what the personal property in each town, etc., had been valued at., A stop in an organ tuned two octaves above the diaposon., An interval consisting of two octaves.
fightwite noun A mulct or fine imposed on a person for making a fight or quarrel to the disturbance of the peace.
fig-shell noun A marine univalve shell of the genus Pyrula, or Ficula, resembling a fig in form.
figulated adjective Made of potter’s clay; molded; shaped.
figurable adjective Capable of being brought to a fixed form or shape.
figurante noun fem. A female figurant; esp., a ballet girl.
figurated adjective Having a determinate form.
filaceous adjective Composed of threads.
filanders noun pl. A disease in hawks, characterized by the presence of small threadlike worms, also of filaments of coagulated blood, from the rupture of a vein; — called also backworm.
filiation noun The relationship of a son or child to a parent, esp. to a father., The assignment of a bastard child to some one as its father; affiliation.
filigrain noun Alt. of Filigrane
filigrane noun Filigree.
filigreed adjective Adorned with filigree.
filleting present participle & vb. noun of Fillet, The protecting of a joint, as between roof and parapet wall, with mortar, or cement, where flashing is employed in better work., The material of which fillets are made; also, fillets, collectively.
filliping present participle & vb. noun of Fillip
fillipeen noun See Philopena.
fillister noun The rabbet on the outer edge of a sash bar to hold the glass and the putty., A plane for making a rabbet.
filminess noun State of being filmy.
filoplume noun A hairlike feather; a father with a slender scape and without a web in most or all of its length.
filtering present participle & vb. noun of Filter
filtrated imp. & past participle of Filtrate
fimbriate adjective Having the edge or extremity bordered by filiform processes thicker than hairs; fringed; as, the fimbriate petals of the pink; the fimbriate end of the Fallopian tube., To hem; to fringe.
financial adjective Pertaining to finance.
financier noun One charged with the administration of finance; an officer who administers the public revenue; a treasurer., One skilled in financial operations; one acquainted with money matters., To conduct financial operations.
findfault noun A censurer or caviler.
finedrawn imp. & past participle of Finedraw, Drawn out with too much subtilty; overnice; as, finedrawn speculations.
finessing present participle & vb. noun of Finesse
finestill verb t. To distill, as spirit from molasses or some saccharine preparation.
fingering present participle & vb. noun of Finger, The act or process of handling or touching with the fingers., The manner of using the fingers in playing or striking the keys of an instrument of music; movement or management of the fingers in playing on a musical instrument, in typewriting, etc., The marking of the notes of a piece of music to guide or regulate the action or use of the fingers., Delicate work made with the fingers.
fingrigos plural of Fingrigo
finicking adjective Alt. of Finicky
finishing present participle & vb. noun of Finish, The act or process of completing or perfecting; the final work upon or ornamentation of a thing., Tending to complete or to render fit for the market or for use.
finlander noun A native or inhabitant of Finland.
fioriture noun pl. Little flowers of ornament introduced into a melody by a singer or player.
fireboard noun A chimney board or screen to close a fireplace when not in use.
firebrand noun A piece of burning wood., One who inflames factions, or causes contention and mischief; an incendiary.
firecrest noun A small European kinglet (Regulus ignicapillus), having a bright red crest; — called also fire-crested wren.
firedrake noun A fiery dragon., A fiery meteor; an ignis fatuus; a rocket., A worker at a furnace or fire.
fireflame noun The European band fish (Cepola rubescens).
fireflies plural of Firefly
fireplace noun The part a chimney appropriated to the fire; a hearth; — usually an open recess in a wall, in which a fire may be built.
fireproof adjective Proof against fire; incombustible.
firestone noun Iron pyrites, formerly used for striking fire; also, a flint., A stone which will bear the heat of a furnace without injury; — especially applied to the sandstone at the top of the upper greensand in the south of England, used for lining kilns and furnaces.
firmament verb & adjective Fixed foundation; established basis., The region of the air; the sky or heavens., The orb of the fixed stars; the most rmote of the celestial spheres.
firmitude noun Strength; stability.
firstborn adjective First brought forth; first in the order of nativity; eldest; hence, most excellent; most distinguished or exalted.
firstling noun The first produce or offspring; — said of animals, especially domestic animals; as, the firstlings of his flock., The thing first thought or done., Firstborn.
fishermen plural of Fisherman
fisherman noun One whose occupation is to catch fish., A ship or vessel employed in the business of taking fish, as in the cod fishery.
fisheries plural of Fishery
fishiness noun The state or quality of being fishy or fishlike.
fish-tail adjective Like the of a fish; acting, or producing something, like the tail of a fish.
fishwomen plural of Fishwoman
fishwoman noun A woman who retails fish.
fissility noun Quality of being fissile.
fissipara noun pl. Animals which reproduce by fission.
fisticuff noun A cuff or blow with the fist or hand, a fight with the fists; boxing.
fistulate verb t. & i. To make hollow or become hollow like a fistula, or pipe.
fistulose adjective Formed like a fistula; hollow; reedlike.
fistulous adjective Having the form or nature of a fistula; as, a fistulous ulcer., Hollow, like a pipe or reed; fistulose.
five-leaf noun Cinquefoil; five-finger.
fixedness noun The state or quality of being fixed; stability; steadfastness., The quality of a body which resists evaporation or volatilization by heat; solidity; cohesion of parts; as, the fixedness of gold.