9 letter word starting with je

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
jealously adverb In a jealous manner.
jellyfish noun Any one of the acalephs, esp. one of the larger species, having a jellylike appearance. See Medusa.
jemminess noun Spruceness.
jenneting noun A variety of early apple. See Juneating.
jeoparded imp. & past participle of Jeopard
jeoparder noun One who puts in jeopardy.
jeremiade noun A tale of sorrow, disappointment, or complaint; a doleful story; a dolorous tirade; — generally used satirically.
jerfalcon noun The gyrfalcon.
jermoonal noun The Himalayan now partridge.
jeropigia noun See Geropigia.
jerusalem noun The chief city of Palestine, intimately associated with the glory of the Jewish nation, and the life and death of Jesus Christ.
jessamine noun Same as Jasmine.
jestingly adverb In a jesting manner.
jesuitess noun One of an order of nuns established on the principles of the Jesuits, but suppressed by Pope Urban in 1633.
jesuitism noun The principles and practices of the Jesuits., Cunning; deceit; deceptive practices to effect a purpose; subtle argument; — an opprobrious use of the word.
jet-black adjective Black as jet; deep black.
jet d’eau A stream of water spouting from a fountain or pipe (especially from one arranged to throw water upward), in a public place or in a garden, for ornament.
jettiness noun The state of being jetty; blackness.
jewelling of Jewel
jewellery noun See Jewelry.
jewelweed noun See Impatiens.
jew’s-ear noun A species of fungus (Hirneola Auricula-Judae, / Auricula), bearing some resemblance to the human ear.