9 letter word starting with lu

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
lubricant adjective Lubricating., That which lubricates; specifically, a substance, as oil, grease, plumbago, etc., used for reducing the friction of the working parts of machinery.
lubricate verb t. To make smooth or slippery; as, mucilaginous and saponaceous remedies lubricate the parts to which they are applied., To apply a lubricant to, as oil or tallow.
lubricity noun Smoothness; freedom from friction; also, property, which diminishes friction; as, the lubricity of oil., Slipperiness; instability; as, the lubricity of fortune., Lasciviousness; propensity to lewdness; lewdness; lechery; incontinency.
lubricous adjective Lubric.
lucidness noun The quality of being lucid; lucidity.
lucifrian adjective Luciferian; satanic.
lucimeter noun an instrument for measuring the intensity of light; a photometer.
luckiness noun The state or quality of being lucky; as, the luckiness of a man or of an event., Good fortune; favorable issue or event.
lucrative adjective Yielding lucre; gainful; profitable; making increase of money or goods; as, a lucrative business or office., Greedy of gain.
luctation noun Effort to overcome in contest; struggle; endeavor.
lucubrate noun To study by candlelight or a lamp; to study by night., To elaborate, perfect, or compose, by night study or by laborious endeavor.
lucullite noun A variety of black limestone, often polished for ornamental purposes.
ludicrous adjective Adapted to excite laughter, without scorn or contempt; sportive.
ludlamite noun A mineral occurring in small, green, transparent, monoclinic crystals. It is a hydrous phosphate of iron.
ludwigite noun A borate of iron and magnesia, occurring in fibrous masses of a blackish green color.
lullingly adverb In a lulling manner; soothingly.
lumbering present participle & vb. noun of Lumber, The business of cutting or getting timber or logs from the forest for lumber.
lumbermen plural of Lumberman
lumberman noun One who is engaged in lumbering as a business or employment.
lumbrical adjective Resembling a worm; as, the lumbrical muscles of the hands of the hands and feet., A lumbrical muscle.
lumbricus noun A genus of annelids, belonging to the Oligochaeta, and including the common earthworms. See Earthworm.
lunisolar adjective Resulting from the united action, or pertaining to the mutual relations, of the sun and moon.
lunistice noun The farthest point of the moon’s northing and southing, in its monthly revolution.
lunitidal adjective Pertaining to tidal movements dependent on the moon.
lunulated adjective Resembling a small crescent.
lupulinic adjective Pertaining to, or obtained from, hops; specifically, designating an acid obtained by the decomposition of lupulin.
lurcation noun Gluttony; gormandizing.
lurchline noun The line by which a fowling net was pulled over so as to inclose the birds.
lusorious adjective Alt. of Lusory
lustering present participle & vb. noun of Lustre, The act or process of imparting a luster, as to pottery., The brightening of a metal in the crucible when it becomes pure, as in certain refining processes.
lustihead noun See Lustihood.
lustihood noun State of being lusty; vigor of body.
lustiness noun State of being lusty; vigor; strength.
lustrated imp. & past participle of Lustrate
lustrical adjective Pertaining to, or used for, purification.
lutarious adjective Of, pertaining to, or like, mud; living in mud.
lutescent adjective Of a yellowish color.
lutherism noun The doctrines taught by Luther or held by the Lutheran Church.
lutulence noun The state or quality of being lutulent.
luxuriant adjective Exuberant in growth; rank; excessive; very abundant; as, a luxuriant growth of grass; luxuriant foliage.
luxuriate verb i. To grow exuberantly; to grow to superfluous abundance., To feed or live luxuriously; as, the herds luxuriate in the pastures., To indulge with unrestrained delight and freedom; as, to luxuriate in description.
luxuriety noun Luxuriance.
luxurious adjective Of or pertaining to luxury; ministering to luxury; supplied with the conditions of luxury; as, a luxurious life; a luxurious table; luxurious ease.