9 letter word starting with pen

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
penalties plural of Penalty
pencilled of Pencil
penciling present participle & vb. noun of Pencil, The work of the pencil or bruch; as, delicate penciling in a picture., Lines of white or black paint drawn along a mortar joint in a brick wall.
pendently adverb In a pendent manner.
pendicler noun An inferior tenant; one who rents a pendicle or croft.
pendragon noun A chief leader or a king; a head; a dictator; — a title assumed by the ancient British chiefs when called to lead other chiefs.
pendulate verb i. To swing as a pendulum.
penduline noun A European titmouse (Parus, / Aegithalus, pendulinus). It is noted for its elegant pendulous purselike nest, made of the down of willow trees and lined with feathers.
pendulous adjective Depending; pendent loosely; hanging; swinging., Wavering; unstable; doubtful., Inclined or hanging downwards, as a flower on a recurved stalk, or an ovule which hangs from the upper part of the ovary.
pendulums plural of Pendulum
penetrail noun Penetralia.
penetrant adjective Having power to enter or pierce; penetrating; sharp; subtile; as, penetrant cold.
penetrate verb t. To enter into; to make way into the interior of; to effect an entrance into; to pierce; as, light penetrates darkness., To affect profoundly through the senses or feelings; to touch with feeling; to make sensible; to move deeply; as, to penetrate one’s heart with pity., To pierce into by the mind; to arrive at the inner contents or meaning of, as of a mysterious or difficult subject; to comprehend; to understand., To pass; to make way; to pierce. Also used figuratively.
penholder noun A handle for a pen.
peninsula noun A portion of land nearly surrounded by water, and connected with a larger body by a neck, or isthmus.
penitence noun The quality or condition of being penitent; the disposition of a penitent; sorrow for sins or faults; repentance; contrition.
penitency noun Penitence.
penknives plural of Penknife
pennached adjective Variegated; striped.
pennatula noun Any one of numerous species of Pennatula, Pteroides, and allied genera of Alcyonaria, having a featherlike form; a sea-pen. The zooids are situated along one edge of the side branches.
penniform adjective Having the form of a feather or plume.
penniless adjective Destitute of money; impecunious; poor.
pennoncel noun Alt. of Pennoncelle
pennywort noun A European trailing herb (Linaria Cymbalaria) with roundish, reniform leaves. It is often cultivated in hanging baskets.
pensative adjective Pensive.
pensioned imp. & past participle of Pension
pensioner noun One in receipt of a pension; hence, figuratively, a dependent., One of an honorable band of gentlemen who attend the sovereign of England on state occasions, and receive an annual pension, or allowance, of £150 and two horses., In the university of Cambridge, England, one who pays for his living in commons; — corresponding to commoner at Oxford.
pensively adverb In a pensive manner.
pentacron noun A solid having five summits or angular points.
pentaglot noun A work in five different tongues.
pentagram noun A pentacle or a pentalpha.
pentalpha noun A five-pointed star, resembling five alphas joined at their bases; — used as a symbol.
pentamera noun pl. An extensive division of Coleoptera, including those that normally have five-jointed tarsi. It embraces about half of all the known species of the Coleoptera.
pentangle noun A pentagon.
pentapody noun A measure or series consisting of five feet.
pentarchy noun A government in the hands of five persons; five joint rulers.
pentecost noun A solemn festival of the Jews; — so called because celebrated on the fiftieth day (seven weeks) after the second day of the Passover (which fell on the sixteenth of the Jewish month Nisan); — hence called, also, the Feast of Weeks. At this festival an offering of the first fruits of the harvest was made. By the Jews it was generally regarded as commemorative of the gift of the law on the fiftieth day after the departure from Egypt., A festival of the Roman Catholic and other churches in commemoration of the descent of the Holy Spirit on the apostles; which occurred on the day of Pentecost; — called also Whitsunday.
penthouse noun A shed or roof sloping from the main wall or building, as over a door or window; a lean-to. Also figuratively., Leaning; overhanging.
pentoxide noun An oxide containing five atoms of oxygen in each molecule; as, phosphorus pentoxide, P2O5.
pentrough noun A penstock.
penultima noun Same as Penult.
penurious adjective Excessively sparing in the use of money; sordid; stingy; miserly., Not bountiful or liberal; scanty., Destitute of money; suffering extreme want.