9 letter word starting with we

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
weakening present participle & vb. noun of Weaken
wealthful adjective Full of wealth; wealthy; prosperous.
wealthily adverb In a wealthy manner; richly.
weariable adjective That may be wearied.
weariless adjective Incapable of being wearied.
weariness noun The quality or state of being weary or tried; lassitude; exhaustion of strength; fatigue.
wearisome adjective Causing weariness; tiresome; tedious; weariful; as, a wearisome march; a wearisome day’s work; a wearisome book.
weasiness noun Quality or state of being weasy; full feeding; sensual indulgence.
weathered imp. & past participle of Weather, Made sloping, so as to throw off water; as, a weathered cornice or window sill., Having the surface altered in color, texture, or composition, or the edges rounded off by exposure to the elements.
weatherly adjective Working, or able to sail, close to the wind; as, a weatherly ship.
wedgebill noun An Australian crested insessorial bird (Sphenostoma cristatum) having a wedge-shaped bill. Its color is dull brown, like the earth of the plains where it lives.
wedgewise adverb In the manner of a wedge.
wednesday adjective The fourth day of the week; the next day after Tuesday.
weech-elm noun The wych-elm.
weepingly adverb In a weeping manner.
weet-bird noun The wryneck; — so called from its cry.
weetingly adverb Knowingly.
weet-weet noun The common European sandpiper., The chaffinch.
weighable adjective Capable of being weighed.
weighbeam noun A kind of large steelyard for weighing merchandise; — also called weighmaster’s beam.
weighlock noun A lock, as on a canal, in which boats are weighed and their tonnage is settled.
weighting present participle & vb. noun of Weight
weightily adverb In a weighty manner.
weirdness noun The quality or state of being weird.
welcoming present participle & vb. noun of Welcome
welcomely adverb In a welcome manner.
welfaring adjective Faring well; prosperous; thriving.
well-born adjective Born of a noble or respect able family; not of mean birth.
well-bred adjective Having good breeding; refined in manners; polite; cultivated.
welldoing noun A doing well; right performance of duties. Also used adjectively.
welldrain verb t. To drain, as land; by means of wells, or pits, which receive the water, and from which it is discharged by machinery.
well-nigh adverb Almost; nearly.
well-read adjective Of extensive reading; deeply versed; — often followed by in.
well-seen adjective Having seen much; hence, accomplished; experienced.
well-sped adjective Having good success.
well-wish noun A wish of happiness.
weltering present participle & vb. noun of Welter
wenchless adjective Being without a wench.
wernerian adjective Of or pertaining to A. G. Werner, The German mineralogist and geologist, who classified minerals according to their external characters, and advocated the theory that the strata of the earth’s crust were formed by depositions from water; designating, or according to, Werner’s system.
wernerite noun The common grayish or white variety of soapolite.
weryangle noun See Wariangle.
westering adjective Passing to the west.
westerner noun A native or inhabitant of the west.
westwards adverb Toward the west; as, to ride or sail westward.
wet nurse A nurse who suckles a child, especially the child of another woman. Cf. Dry nurse.