5 letter word starting with ju

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
jubae plural of Juba
judas noun The disciple who betrayed Christ. Hence: A treacherous person; one who betrays under the semblance of friendship., Treacherous; betraying.
judge verb i. A public officer who is invested with authority to hear and determine litigated causes, and to administer justice between parties in courts held for that purpose., One who has skill, knowledge, or experience, sufficient to decide on the merits of a question, or on the quality or value of anything; one who discerns properties or relations with skill and readiness; a connoisseur; an expert; a critic., A person appointed to decide in a/trial of skill, speed, etc., between two or more parties; an umpire; as, a judge in a horse race., One of supreme magistrates, with both civil and military powers, who governed Israel for more than four hundred years., The title of the seventh book of the Old Testament; the Book of Judges., To hear and determine, as in causes on trial; to decide as a judge; to give judgment; to pass sentence., To assume the right to pass judgment on another; to sit in judgment or commendation; to criticise or pass adverse judgment upon others. See Judge, v. t., 3., To compare facts or ideas, and perceive their relations and attributes, and thus distinguish truth from falsehood; to determine; to discern; to distinguish; to form an opinion about., To hear and determine by authority, as a case before a court, or a controversy between two parties., To examine and pass sentence on; to try; to doom., To arrogate judicial authority over; to sit in judgment upon; to be censorious toward., To determine upon or deliberation; to esteem; to think; to reckon., To exercise the functions of a magistrate over; to govern.
jugal adjective Relating to a yoke, or to marriage., Pertaining to, or in the region of, the malar, or cheek bone.
juger noun A Roman measure of land, measuring 28,800 square feet, or 240 feet in length by 120 in breadth.
juggs noun pl. See Jougs.
jugum noun One of the ridges commonly found on the fruit of umbelliferous plants., A pair of the opposite leaflets of a pinnate plant.
juice noun The characteristic fluid of any vegetable or animal substance; the sap or part which can be expressed from fruit, etc.; the fluid part which separates from meat in cooking., To moisten; to wet.
juicy superl. A bounding with juice; succulent.
juise noun Judgment; justice; sentence.
julep noun A refreshing drink flavored with aromatic herbs, a sweet, demulcent, acidulous, or mucilaginous mixture, used as a vehicle., A beverage composed of brandy, whisky, or some other spirituous liquor, with sugar, pounded ice, and sprigs of mint; — called also mint julep.
julus noun A catkin or ament. See Ament.
junco noun Any bird of the genus Junco, which includes several species of North American finches; — called also snowbird, or blue snowbird.
junos plural of June
junta noun A council; a convention; a tribunal; an assembly; esp., the grand council of state in Spain.
junto noun A secret council to deliberate on affairs of government or politics; a number of men combined for party intrigue; a faction; a cabal; as, a junto of ministers; a junto of politicians.
jupon noun Alt. of Juppon
jural adjective Pertaining to natural or positive right., Of or pertaining to jurisprudence.
jurat noun A person under oath; specifically, an officer of the nature of an alderman, in certain municipal corporations in England., The memorandum or certificate at the end of an asffidavit, or a bill or answer in chancery, showing when, before whom, and (in English practice), where, it was sworn or affirmed.
jurel noun A yellow carangoid fish of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts (Caranx chrysos), most abundant southward, where it is valued as a food fish; — called also hardtail, horse crevalle, jack, buffalo jack, skipjack, yellow mackerel, and sometimes, improperly, horse mackerel. Other species of Caranx (as C. fallax) are also sometimes called jurel.
juror noun A member of a jury; a juryman., A member of any jury for awarding prizes, etc.
jussi noun A delicate fiber, produced in the Philippine Islands from an unidentified plant, of which dresses, etc., are made.
jutes noun pl. Jutlanders; one of the Low German tribes, a portion of which settled in Kent, England, in the 5th century.
jutty noun A projection in a building; also, a pier or mole; a jetty., To project beyond.
juvia noun A Brazilian name for the lofty myrtaceous tree (Bertholetia excelsa) which produces the large seeds known as Brazil nuts.