5 letter word starting with sme

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
smear noun To overspread with anything unctuous, viscous, or adhesive; to daub; as, to smear anything with oil., To soil in any way; to contaminate; to pollute; to stain morally; as, to be smeared with infamy., A fat, oily substance; oinment., Hence, a spot made by, or as by, an unctuous or adhesive substance; a blot or blotch; a daub; a stain.
smeir noun A salt glaze on pottery, made by adding common salt to an earthenware glaze.
smelt of Smell, imp. & p. p. of Smell., Any one of numerous species of small silvery salmonoid fishes of the genus Osmerus and allied genera, which ascend rivers to spawn, and sometimes become landlocked in lakes. They are esteemed as food, and have a peculiar odor and taste., A gull; a simpleton., To melt or fuse, as, ore, for the purpose of separating and refining the metal; hence, to reduce; to refine; to flux or scorify; as, to smelt tin.
smell noun To perceive by the olfactory nerves, or organs of smell; to have a sensation of, excited through the nasal organs when affected by the appropriate materials or qualities; to obtain the scent of; as, to smell a rose; to smell perfumes., To detect or perceive, as if by the sense of smell; to scent out; — often with out., To give heed to., To affect the olfactory nerves; to have an odor or scent; — often followed by of; as, to smell of smoke, or of musk., To have a particular tincture or smack of any quality; to savor; as, a report smells of calumny., To exercise the sense of smell., To exercise sagacity., The sense or faculty by which certain qualities of bodies are perceived through the instrumentally of the olfactory nerves. See Sense., The quality of any thing or substance, or emanation therefrom, which affects the olfactory organs; odor; scent; fragrance; perfume; as, the smell of mint.
smerk noun & verb See Smirk., Alt. of Smerky