5 letter word starting with sna

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
snack verb t. A share; a part or portion; — obsolete, except in the colloquial phrase, to go snacks, i. e., to share., A slight, hasty repast.
snail noun Any one of numerous species of terrestrial air-breathing gastropods belonging to the genus Helix and many allied genera of the family Helicidae. They are abundant in nearly all parts of the world except the arctic regions, and feed almost entirely on vegetation; a land snail., Any gastropod having a general resemblance to the true snails, including fresh-water and marine species. See Pond snail, under Pond, and Sea snail., Hence, a drone; a slow-moving person or thing., A spiral cam, or a flat piece of metal of spirally curved outline, used for giving motion to, or changing the position of, another part, as the hammer tail of a striking clock., A tortoise; in ancient warfare, a movable roof or shed to protect besiegers; a testudo., The pod of the sanil clover.
snake noun Any species of the order Ophidia; an ophidian; a serpent, whether harmless or venomous. See Ophidia, and Serpent., To drag or draw, as a snake from a hole; — often with out., To wind round spirally, as a large rope with a smaller, or with cord, the small rope lying in the spaces between the strands of the large one; to worm., To crawl like a snake.
snaky adjective Of or pertaining to a snake or snakes; resembling a snake; serpentine; winding., Sly; cunning; insinuating; deceitful., Covered with serpents; having serpents; as, a snaky rod or wand.
snape verb t. To bevel the end of a timber to fit against an inclined surface.
snare noun A contrivance, often consisting of a noose of cord, or the like, by which a bird or other animal may be entangled and caught; a trap; a gin., Hence, anything by which one is entangled and brought into trouble., The gut or string stretched across the lower head of a drum., An instrument, consisting usually of a wireloop or noose, for removing tumors, etc., by avulsion., To catch with a snare; to insnare; to entangle; hence, to bring into unexpected evil, perplexity, or danger.
snarl verb t. To form raised work upon the outer surface of (thin metal ware) by the repercussion of a snarling iron upon the inner surface., To entangle; to complicate; to involve in knots; as, to snarl a skein of thread., To embarrass; to insnare., A knot or complication of hair, thread, or the like, difficult to disentangle; entanglement; hence, intricate complication; embarrassing difficulty., To growl, as an angry or surly dog; to gnarl; to utter grumbling sounds., To speak crossly; to talk in rude, surly terms., The act of snarling; a growl; a surly or peevish expression; an angry contention.
snary adjective Resembling, or consisting of, snares; entangling; insidious.
snast verb t. The snuff, or burnt wick, of a candle.