5 letter word starting with snar

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
snare noun A contrivance, often consisting of a noose of cord, or the like, by which a bird or other animal may be entangled and caught; a trap; a gin., Hence, anything by which one is entangled and brought into trouble., The gut or string stretched across the lower head of a drum., An instrument, consisting usually of a wireloop or noose, for removing tumors, etc., by avulsion., To catch with a snare; to insnare; to entangle; hence, to bring into unexpected evil, perplexity, or danger.
snarl verb t. To form raised work upon the outer surface of (thin metal ware) by the repercussion of a snarling iron upon the inner surface., To entangle; to complicate; to involve in knots; as, to snarl a skein of thread., To embarrass; to insnare., A knot or complication of hair, thread, or the like, difficult to disentangle; entanglement; hence, intricate complication; embarrassing difficulty., To growl, as an angry or surly dog; to gnarl; to utter grumbling sounds., To speak crossly; to talk in rude, surly terms., The act of snarling; a growl; a surly or peevish expression; an angry contention.
snary adjective Resembling, or consisting of, snares; entangling; insidious.