8 letter word starting with pop

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
popeling noun A petty or deputy pope., An adherent of the pope.
popelote noun A word variously explained as “a little puppet,” “a little doll,” or “a young butterfly.” Cf. Popet.
popinjay noun The green woodpecker., A parrot., A target in the form of a parrot., A trifling, chattering, fop or coxcomb.
poplitic adjective Popliteal.
populace noun The common people; the vulgar; the multitude, — comprehending all persons not distinguished by rank, office, education, or profession.
populacy noun Populace.
populate adjective Populous., To furnish with inhabitants, either by natural increase or by immigration or colonization; to cause to be inhabited; to people., To propagate.
populous adjective Abounding in people; full of inhabitants; containing many inhabitants in proportion to the extent of the country., Popular; famous., Common; vulgar., Numerous; in large number.