9 letter word starting with no

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
nobiliary adjective Of or pertaining to the nobility., A history of noble families.
nobleness noun The quality or state of being noble; greatness; dignity; magnanimity; elevation of mind, character, or station; nobility; grandeur; stateliness.
noctidial adjective Comprising a night and a day; a noctidial day.
noctiluca noun That which shines at night; — a fanciful name for phosphorus., A genus of marine flagellate Infusoria, remarkable for their unusually large size and complex structure, as well as for their phosphorescence. The brilliant diffuse phosphorescence of the sea is often due to myriads of Noctilucae.
nocturnal adjective Of, pertaining to, done or occuring in, the night; as, nocturnal darkness, cries, expedition, etc.; — opposed to diurnal., Having a habit of seeking food or moving about at night; as, nocturnal birds and insects., An instrument formerly used for taking the altitude of the stars, etc., at sea.
noiseless adjective Making, or causing, no noise or bustle; without noise; silent; as, the noiseless foot of time.
noisiness noun The state or quality of being noisy.
nomadized imp. & past participle of Nomadize
nominally adverb In a nominal manner; by name; in name only; not in reality.
nominated imp. & past participle of Nominate
nominator noun One who nominates.
nomocracy noun Government in accordance with a system of law.
nomothete noun A lawgiver.
nonagrian noun Any moth of the genus Nonagria and allied genera, as the spindleworm and stalk borer.
nonconcur verb i. To dissent or refuse to concur.
nondecane noun A hydrocarbon of the paraffin series, a white waxy substance, C19H40; — so called from the number of carbon atoms in the molecule.
nonentity noun Nonexistence; the negation of being., A thing not existing., A person or thing of little or no account.
nonillion noun According to the French and American notation, a thousand octillions, or a unit with thirty ciphers annexed; according to the English notation, a million octillions, or a unit with fifty-four ciphers annexed. See the Note under Numeration.
nonjurant adjective Nonjuring.
nonjuring adjective Not swearing allegiance; — applied to the party in Great Britain that would not swear allegiance to William and Mary, or their successors.
nonmember noun One who is not a member.
nonpareil adjective Something of unequaled excellence; a peerless thing or person; a nonesuch; — often used as a name., A size of type next smaller than minion and next larger than agate (or ruby)., A beautifully colored finch (Passerina ciris), native of the Southern United States. The male has the head and neck deep blue, rump and under parts bright red, back and wings golden green, and the tail bluish purple. Called also painted finch., Any other similar bird of the same genus., Having no equal; peerless.
nonplused imp. & past participle of Nonplus
non pros. An abbreviation of Non prosequitur.
nonregent noun A master of arts whose regency has ceased. See Regent.
nonsexual adjective Having no distinction of sex; sexless; neuter.
nonsonant adjective Not sonant., A nonsonant or nonvocal consonant.
nonsuited imp. & past participle of Nonsuit
nonsurety noun Insecurity.
nontenure noun A plea of a defendant that he did not hold the land, as affirmed.
nonusance noun Neglect of using; failure to use.
nonylenic adjective Of, pertaining to, related to, or designating, nonylene or its compounds; as, nonylenic acid.
noologist noun One versed in noology.
noonstead noun The position of the sun at noon.
nopalries plural of Nopalry
normanism noun A Norman idiom; a custom or expression peculiar to the Normans.
northeast noun The point between the north and east, at an equal distance from each; the northeast part or region., Of or pertaining to the northeast; proceeding toward the northeast, or coming from that point; as, a northeast course; a northeast wind., Toward the northeast.
northerly adjective Of or pertaining to the north; toward the north, or from the north; northern., Toward the north.
northmost adjective Lying farthest north; northernmost.
northness noun A tendency in the end of a magnetic needle to point to the north.
northward adjective Toward the north; nearer to the north than to the east or west point., Alt. of Northwards
northwest noun The point in the horizon between the north and west, and equally distant from each; the northwest part or region., Pertaining to, or in the direction of, the point between the north and west; being in the northwest; toward the northwest, or coming from the northwest; as, the northwest coast., Coming from the northwest; as, a northwest wind., Toward the northwest.
norwegian adjective Of or pertaining to Norway, its inhabitants, or its language., A native of Norway., That branch of the Scandinavian language spoken in Norway.
norwegium noun A rare metallic element, of doubtful identification, said to occur in the copper-nickel of Norway.
nosebleed noun A bleeding at the nose., The yarrow. See Yarrow.
nosesmart noun A kind of cress, a pungent cruciferous plant, including several species of the genus Nasturtium.
nosethirl noun Alt. of Nosethril
nosethril noun Nostril.
nostalgia noun Homesickness; esp., a severe and sometimes fatal form of melancholia, due to homesickness.
nostalgic adjective Of or pertaining to nostalgia; affected with nostalgia.
notabilia noun pl. Things worthy of notice.
notchweed noun A foul-smelling weed, the stinking goosefoot (Chenopodium Vulvaria).
notifying present participle & vb. noun of Notify
notionate adjective Notional.
notionist noun One whose opinions are ungrounded notions.
notochord noun An elastic cartilagelike rod which is developed beneath the medullary groove in the vertebrate embryo, and constitutes the primitive axial skeleton around which the centra of the vertebrae and the posterior part of the base of the skull are developed; the chorda dorsalis. See Illust. of Ectoderm.
notopodia plural of Notopodium
notoriety noun The quality or condition of being notorious; the state of being generally or publicly known; — commonly used in an unfavorable sense; as, the notoriety of a crime.
notorious adjective Generally known and talked of by the public; universally believed to be true; manifest to the world; evident; — usually in an unfavorable sense; as, a notorious thief; a notorious crime or vice.
nototrema noun The pouched, or marsupial, frog of South America.
not-pated adjective Alt. of Nott-pated
nourished imp. & past participle of Nourish
nourisher noun One who, or that which, nourishes.
nouriture noun Nurture.
novelette noun A short novel.
novelized imp. & past participle of Novelize
novelties plural of Novelty
novennial adjective Done or recurring every ninth year.
novilunar adjective Of or pertaining to the new moon.
novitiate noun The state of being a novice; time of initiation or instruction in rudiments., Hence: Time of probation in a religious house before taking the vows., One who is going through a novitiate, or period of probation; a novice., The place where novices live or are trained.
novitious adjective Newly invented; recent; new.
nowhither adverb Not anywhither; in no direction; nowhere.