9 letter word starting with opp

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
oppilated imp. & past participle of Oppilate
oppletion noun The act of filling up, or the state of being filled up; fullness.
opponency noun The act of opening an academical disputation; the proposition of objections to a tenet, as an exercise for a degree.
opportune adjective Convenient; ready; hence, seasonable; timely., To suit.
opposable adjective Capable of being opposed or resisted., Capable of being placed opposite something else; as, the thumb is opposable to the forefinger.
oppressed imp. & past participle of Oppress
oppressor noun One who oppresses; one who imposes unjust burdens on others; one who harasses others with unjust laws or unreasonable severity.
oppugning p pr. & vb. noun of Oppugn
oppugnant adjective Tending to awaken hostility; hostile; opposing; warring., An opponent.