9 letter word starting with over

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
overawing present participle & vb. noun of Overawe
overawful adjective Awful, or reverential, in an excessive degree.
overboard adverb Over the side of a ship; hence, from on board of a ship, into the water; as, to fall overboard.
overbreed verb t. To breed to excess.
overbuild verb t. To build over., To build too much; to build beyond the demand.
overbuilt adjective Having too many buildings; as, an overbuilt part of a town.
over-busy adjective Too busy; officious.
overcarry verb t. & i. To carry too far; to carry beyond the proper point.
overcatch verb t. To overtake.
overclimb verb t. To climb over.
overcloud verb t. To cover or overspread with clouds; to becloud; to overcast.
overcolor verb t. To color too highly.
overcomer noun One who overcomes.
overcount verb t. To rate too high; to outnumber.
overcover verb t. To cover up.
overcrowd verb t. To crowd too much.
overdight adjective Covered over.
overdoing present participle & vb. noun of Overdo
overdrawn past participle of Overdraw
overdress verb t. To dress or adorn to excess; to dress too much.
overdrink verb t. & i. To drink to excess.
overdtive verb t. & i. To drive too hard, or far, or beyond strength.
overdrown verb t. To wet or drench to excess.
overeager adjective Too eager; too impatient.
overempty verb t. To make too empty; to exhaust.
overexert verb t. To exert too much.
overfloat verb t. To overflow.
overflush verb t. To flush to excess.
overflown past participle of Overfly
overforce noun Excessive force; violence.
overfront verb t. To confront; to oppose; to withstand.
overglide verb t. To glide over.
overgloom verb t. To spread gloom over; to make gloomy; to overshadow.
overgoing present participle & vb. noun of Overgo
overgorge verb t. To gorge to excess.
overgrace verb t. To grace or honor exceedingly or beyond desert.
overgreat adjective Too great.
overgross adjective Too gross.
overgrown past participle of Overgrow
overhappy adjective Exceedingly happy.
overhardy adjective Too hardy; overbold.
overhaste noun Too great haste.
overhasty adjective Too hasty; precipitate; rash.
overheard imp. & past participle of Overhear
overheavy adjective Excessively heavy.
overissue noun An excessive issue; an issue, as of notes or bonds, exceeding the limit of capital, credit, or authority., To issue in excess.
overlabor verb t. To cause to labor excessively; to overwork., To labor upon excessively; to refine unduly.
overladed imp. of Overlade
overladen past participle of Overlade
overlarge adjective Too large; too great.
overlayer noun One who overlays; that with which anything is overlaid.
overlying present participle & vb. noun of Overlie, Lying over or upon something; as, overlying rocks.
overlight noun Too strong a light., Too light or frivolous; giddy.
overliver noun A survivor.
overlusty adjective Too lusty, or lively.
overmarch verb t. & i. To march too far, or too much; to exhaust by marching.
overmatch verb t. To be more than equal to or a match for; hence, to vanquish., To marry (one) to a superior., One superior in power; also, an unequal match; a contest in which one of the opponents is overmatched.
overmerit noun Excessive merit.
overmoist adjective Excessively moist.
overmount verb t. To mount over; to go higher than; to rise above.
overnight noun The fore part of the night last past; the previous evening., In the fore part of the night last past; in the evening before; also, during the night; as, the candle will not last overnight.
overnoise verb t. To overpower by noise.
overpaint verb t. To color or describe too strongly.
overperch verb t. To perch upon; to fly over.
overpoise verb t. To outweigh; to overbalance., Preponderant weight; a counterbalance.
overpower verb t. To excel or exceed in power; to cause to yield; to vanquish; to subdue; as, the light overpowers the eyes., A dominating power.
overpress verb t. To bear upon with irresistible force; to crush; to overwhelm., To overcome by importunity.
overprize verb t. Toprize excessively; to overvalue.
overproof adjective Containing more alcohol than proof spirit; stronger than proof spirit; that is, containing more than 49.3 per cent by weight of alcohol.
overproud adjective Exceedingly or unduly proud.
overquell verb t. To quell or subdue completely.
overraked imp. & past participle of Overrake
overrated imp. & past participle of Overrate
overreach verb t. To reach above or beyond in any direction., To deceive, or get the better of, by artifice or cunning; to outwit; to cheat., To reach too far, To strike the toe of the hind foot against the heel or shoe of the forefoot; — said of horses., To sail on one tack farther than is necessary., To cheat by cunning or deception., The act of striking the heel of the fore foot with the toe of the hind foot; — said of horses.
overready adjective Too ready.
overrigid adjective Too rigid; too severe.
overripen verb t. To make too ripe.
overroast verb t. To roast too much.
overruled imp. & past participle of Overrule
overruler noun One who, or that which, controls, governs, or determines.
overshade verb t. To cover with shade; to render dark or gloomy; to overshadow.
overshake verb t. To shake over or away; to drive away; to disperse.
overshine verb t. To shine over or upon; to illumine., To excel in shining; to outshine.
overshoot verb t. To shoot over or beyond., To pass swiftly over; to fly beyond., To exceed; as, to overshoot the truth., To fly beyond the mark.
oversight noun Watchful care; superintendence; general supervision., An overlooking; an omission; an error., Escape from an overlooked peril.
overskirt noun An upper skirt, shorter than the dress, and usually draped.
oversleep verb t. To sleep beyond; as, to oversleep one’s self or one’s usual hour of rising., To sleep too long.
overslide verb t. To slide over or by.
overspeak verb t. & i. To exceed in speaking; to speak too much; to use too many words.
overstand verb t. To stand on the price or conditions of, so as to lose a sale; to lose by an extravagant price or hard conditions.
overstare verb t. To outstare., To stare wildly.
overstate verb t. To state in too strong terms; to exaggerate.
overstaid of Overstay
overstock noun Stock in excess., To fill too full; to supply in excess; as, to overstock a market with goods, or a farm with cattle.
overstore verb t. To overstock.
overstraw verb t. To overstrew.
overstrew verb t. To strew or scatter over.
overstrow verb t. See Overstrew.
overswell verb t. & i. To swell or rise above; to overflow.
overtaken past participle of Overtake
overtempt verb t. To tempt exceedingly, or beyond the power of resistance.
overthrew imp. of Overthrow
overthrow verb t. To throw over; to overturn; to upset; to turn upside down., To cause to fall or to fail; to subvert; to defeat; to make a ruin of; to destroy., The act of overthrowing; the state of being overthrow; ruin., The act of throwing a ball too high, as over a player’s head., A faulty return of the ball by a fielder, so that the striker makes an additional run.
overtitle verb t. To give too high a title to.
overtower verb t. To tower over or above., To soar too high.
overtrade verb i. To trade beyond one’s capital; to buy goods beyond the means of paying for or seleng them; to overstock the market.
overtread verb t. To tread over or upon.
overtrust noun Excessive confidence., To trust too much.
overvalue verb t. To value excessively; to rate at too high a price., To exceed in value.
overwatch verb t. To watch too much., To weary or exhaust by watching.
overweary verb t. To weary too much; to tire out.
overweigh verb t. To exceed in weight; to overbalance; to weigh down.
overwhelm verb t. To cover over completely, as by a great wave; to overflow and bury beneath; to ingulf; hence, figuratively, to immerse and bear down; to overpower; to crush; to bury; to oppress, etc., overpoweringly., To project or impend over threateningly., To cause to surround, to cover., The act of overwhelming.
overwrest verb t. To wrest or force from the natural or proper position.