9 letter word starting with sem

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
semaphore noun A signal telegraph; an apparatus for giving signals by the disposition of lanterns, flags, oscillating arms, etc.
sematrope noun An instrument for signaling by reflecting the rays of the sun in different directions.
semblable adjective Like; similar; resembling., Likeness; representation.
semblably adverb In like manner.
semblance adjective Seeming; appearance; show; figure; form., Likeness; resemblance, actual or apparent; similitude; as, the semblance of worth; semblance of virtue.
semiology noun The science or art of signs., The science of the signs or symptoms of disease; symptomatology., The art of using signs in signaling., Alt. of Semiological
semeiotic adjective Alt. of Semiotic
semiotics noun Semeiology., Same as Semeiotics.
semiangle noun The half of a given, or measuring, angle.
semibreve noun A note of half the time or duration of the breve; — now usually called a whole note. It is the longest note in general use.
semibrief noun A semibreve.
semicolon noun The punctuation mark [;] indicating a separation between parts or members of a sentence more distinct than that marked by a comma.
semifable noun That which is part fable and part truth; a mixture of truth and fable.
semifluid adjective Imperfectly fluid., A semifluid substance.
semihoral adjective Half-hourly.
semilunar adjective Shaped like a half moon., The semilunar bone.
semimetal noun An element possessing metallic properties in an inferior degree and not malleable, as arsenic, antimony, bismuth, molybdenum, uranium, etc.
semiimute adjective Having the faculty of speech but imperfectly developed or partially lost.
seminated imp. & past participle of Seminate
seminific adjective Alt. of Semnifical
seminoles noun pl. A tribe of Indians who formerly occupied Florida, where some of them still remain. They belonged to the Creek Confideration.
seminymph noun The pupa of insects which undergo only a slight change in passing to the imago state.
semiovate adjective Half ovate.
semipagan adjective Half pagan.
semipedal adjective Containing a half foot.
semiplume noun A feather which has a plumelike web, with the shaft of an ordinary feather.
semiproof noun Half proof; evidence from the testimony of a single witness.
semi pupa noun The young of an insect in a stage between the larva and pupa.
semisolid adjective Partially solid.
semisteel noun Puddled steel.
semitonic adjective Of or pertaining to a semitone; consisting of a semitone, or of semitones.
semivocal adjective Of or pertaining to a semivowel; half cocal; imperfectly sounding.
semivowel noun A sound intermediate between a vowel and a consonant, or partaking of the nature of both, as in the English w and y., The sign or letter representing such a sound.
semolella noun See Semolina.