9 letter word starting with stone

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
stonebird noun The yellowlegs; — called also stone snipe. See Tattler, 2.
stonebuck noun See Steinbock.
stonechat noun A small, active, and very common European singing bird (Pratincola rubicola); — called also chickstone, stonechacker, stonechatter, stoneclink, stonesmith., The wheatear., The blue titmouse.
stonecray noun A distemper in hawks.
stonecrop noun A sort of tree., Any low succulent plant of the genus Sedum, esp. Sedum acre, which is common on bare rocks in Europe, and is spreading in parts of America. See Orpine.
stonegall noun See Stannel.
stoneroot noun A North American plant (Collinsonia Canadensis) having a very hard root; horse balm. See Horse balm, under Horse.
stoneware noun A species of coarse potter’s ware, glazed and baked.
stoneweed noun Any plant of the genus Lithospermum, herbs having a fruit composed of four stony nutlets.
stonework noun Work or wall consisting of stone; mason’s work of stone.
stonewort noun Any plant of the genus Chara; — so called because they are often incrusted with carbonate of lime. See Chara.