9 letter word starting with sto

Words Parts of Speech Meaning/Definition/Similar Words
stockaded imp. & past participle of Stockade
stockdove noun A common European wild pigeon (Columba aenas), so called because at one time believed to be the stock of the domestic pigeon, or, according to some, from its breeding in the stocks, or trunks, of trees.
stockfish noun Salted and dried fish, especially codfish, hake, ling, and torsk; also, codfish dried without being salted., Young fresh cod.
stockinet noun An elastic textile fabric imitating knitting, of which stockings, under-garments, etc., are made.
stockwork noun A system of working in ore, etc., when it lies not in strata or veins, but in solid masses, so as to be worked in chambers or stories., A metalliferous deposit characterized by the impregnation of the mass of rock with many small veins or nests irregularly grouped. This kind of deposit is especially common with tin ore. Such deposits are worked in floors or stories.
stokehole noun The mouth to the grate of a furnace; also, the space in front of the furnace, where the stokers stand.
stolidity noun The state or quality of being stolid; dullness of intellect; obtuseness; stupidity.
stomached imp. & past participle of Stomach
stomachal adjective Of or pertaining to the stomach; gastric., Helping the stomach; stomachic; cordial., A stomachic.
stomacher noun One who stomachs., An ornamental covering for the breast, worn originally both by men and women. Those worn by women were often richly decorated.
stomachic adjective Alt. of Stomachical, A medicine that strengthens the stomach and excites its action.
stomapoda noun pl. An order of Crustacea including the squillas. The maxillipeds are leglike in form, and the large claws are comblike. They have a large and elongated abdomen, which contains a part of the stomach and heart; the abdominal appendages are large, and bear the gills. Called also Gastrula, Stomatopoda, and Squilloidea.
stomatoda noun pl. A division of Protozoa in which a mouthlike opening exists.
stomatode adjective Having a mouth; — applied to certain Protozoa., One of the Stomatoda.
stomatous adjective Having a stoma.
stonebird noun The yellowlegs; — called also stone snipe. See Tattler, 2.
stonebuck noun See Steinbock.
stonechat noun A small, active, and very common European singing bird (Pratincola rubicola); — called also chickstone, stonechacker, stonechatter, stoneclink, stonesmith., The wheatear., The blue titmouse.
stonecray noun A distemper in hawks.
stonecrop noun A sort of tree., Any low succulent plant of the genus Sedum, esp. Sedum acre, which is common on bare rocks in Europe, and is spreading in parts of America. See Orpine.
stonegall noun See Stannel.
stoneroot noun A North American plant (Collinsonia Canadensis) having a very hard root; horse balm. See Horse balm, under Horse.
stoneware noun A species of coarse potter’s ware, glazed and baked.
stoneweed noun Any plant of the genus Lithospermum, herbs having a fruit composed of four stony nutlets.
stonework noun Work or wall consisting of stone; mason’s work of stone.
stonewort noun Any plant of the genus Chara; — so called because they are often incrusted with carbonate of lime. See Chara.
stoniness noun The quality or state of being stony.
stoolball noun A kind of game with balls, formerly common in England, esp. with young women.
stop-over adjective Permitting one to stop over; as, a stop-over check or ticket. See To stop over, under Stop, v. i.
stoppered imp. & past participle of Stopper
stoppling present participle & vb. noun of Stopple
storeroom noun Room in a storehouse or repository; a room in which articles are stored.
storeship noun A vessel used to carry naval stores for a fleet, garrison, or the like.
stormcock noun The missel thrush., The fieldfare., The green woodpecker.
stormless adjective Without storms.
stormwind noun A heavy wind; a wind that brings a storm; the blast of a storm.
storthing noun The Parliament of Norway, chosen by indirect election once in three years, but holding annual sessions.
storybook noun A book containing stories, or short narratives, either true or false.
stoutness noun The state or quality of being stout.
stovepipe noun Pipe made of sheet iron in length and angular or curved pieces fitting together, — used to connect a portable stove with a chimney flue.
stowboard noun A place into which rubbish is put.